Which Harry Potter character do you look like based on your star sign?

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– Published on 09 Jan 2023 at 05:00

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Each Harry Potter character belongs to a different astrological sign. So which one are you most like?

Astrological signs all have very different personalities. Just like the saga characters Harry Potter. And it must be said that their personalities weren’t randomly chosen at all. When we look a little closer at the astrological signs of characters, we quickly realize that JK Rowling, the author of the novels, did not neglect their date of birth either. So to which character ofHarry Potter do you resemble the most according to your astrological sign?

What is the astrological sign of the characters inHarry Potter ?

  • Fred and George Weasley are Aries

who are not not comfortable with authority ? The Rams and also Fred and George Weasley. They were born on April 1st. Decidedly, they are intended to make jokes.

  • Professor Sprout is Taurus

Just like Taurus, Professor Sprout needs her little reassuring routine and comforting. Which also makes her a very reliable and stable person who enjoys the small pleasures of life.

  • Draco Malfoy is a Gemini

We know Gemini men… Considering Malfoy’s mischievous side, he can only be Gemini. known to be undecidedwe remember that Draco hesitated so long to kill Voldemort that Snape did it for him.

dobby the hypersensitive is Cancer. Just like his astrological sign, he is not not sure of himself but has a big heart. He is even ready to sacrifice himself for his friends.

Harry Potter is the most Lion of Lions. It’s a born leader and he always manages to be at the center of attention. he is also determined and very courageous. He has everything perfect Gryffindor ultimately.

Whether Shady is a Virgo who has turned to the dark side, Hermione is all about the good Virgo. Although she is sometimes rigid and perfectionistshe is also intelligent and resourceful. Fortunately, a character like her is there to accompany Harry and Ron.

  • Minerva McGonagall is Libra

Minerva McGonagall is Diplomat and do not seek conflict. She will also look for the solution that will please everyone rather than taking sides. Just like Libra in fact.

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  • Sirius Black is Scorpio

Scorpio is known as extremely loyal, to the point where it can harm them. A description that defines Sirius well, who, to save Harry, had to live in secrecy for many years.

Sagittarians are great adventurers and nature loversthey often have a affinity with animals. That does not tell you someone? Hagrid of course. It is also optimistic and idealisticother typical characteristics of his sign.

Just like Voldemort, Capricorn is a natural leader and has the need to control everything. This sign wants to win at all costs and is ready to do ANYTHING to achieve its ends.

  • Luna Lovegood is Aquarius

Luna Lovegood is a typical Aquarius. Artistic, unique and a bit in the moonshe perfectly represents this ever-increasing sign. original than the others.

Ron could only be Pisces. In addition to being fearful and sensitive, Ron follows his heart more often than his head. It is also very loyal to his friends and they can always count on him. Even when they have to be accompanied through pits full of spiders.

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Which Harry Potter character do you look like based on your star sign?

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