Mercury retrograde May 2022: the life of these 6 astro signs will get complicated

Mercury retrograde, beware the tremors! From the astrological point of view, this backward movement of the planets influences our intellectual abilities and promotes misunderstandings.

All the planets except the Sun and the moonretrograde and their effects are more or less notorious on our psyche depending on their proximity to the Earth.

Mercury being a very close planet, its retrogradation strongly impacts certain areas of our lives, in particular that of communication.

Astro: Mercury in retrograde in May 2022 announces an intense week

On May 10, 2022, Jupiter will re-enter Aries, a position that brings a shift in energy and is the source of boldness and quick decision-making for most zodiac signs.

A Lunar Eclipse is also planned during the Full Moon May 16, 2022.

The effects of eclipses are very intense and disrupt our ability to discern. The emotion that this planetary alignment provokes is often the cause of thoughtless actions and great fatigue. All these movements of the stars simultaneously during this period could make our daily life difficult to live.

When Mercury retrogrades, it’s important to watch what you say, reread what you write, and slow down to avoid misunderstandings, the other two aspects will challenge your abilities to master and control. This demotion will take place in part in the sign of Taurus placement where the planet is not in its element.

Horoscope: which zodiac signs will be most affected?

The recommendations of astrologers during the retrograde of a planet are to increase the vigilance brought to matters relating to the domains of life assigned to it. In the case of Mercury, it will be in relation to thinking, communication, contracts and moves. The Ideal is to do this kind of procedures once the planet becomes direct again. However, some signs will be more affected than others.


For the natives of this sign, Mercury retrograde is an opportunity to slow down and reflect on the decisions made during the month of April. The month of May 2022 is absolutely not a month to make choices in the field of your studies or your career. It is better to wait until the beginning of June and indulge in deep meditation beforehand. This will save you from making the wrong choices.


The Lunar Eclipse of May 16, 2022 in your sign will be strong in emotions. Your energy will be intense and your will will be sharp as a knife to cut short with situations from the past that prevent you from moving forward. This is rather good news. However, try not to hurt with your words, because your words could alienate you from someone dear.


The ruling planet of your sign, Jupiter enters Aries on the same day as Mercury’s retrograde will take place, this will give you confidence in decision-making and increase your creativity. But beware, Mercury, this month, recommends monitoring our choices, and with the Aries fire within you, you may lack control. Watch your enthusiasm.


Your cautious nature will help you get through this period without difficulty. Moreover, the influence of Jupiter will be rather beneficial for your sign, and will push you to concretize projects which are just beginning to see the light of day.


The Lunar Eclipse on May 16, 2022 will force you to deal with inevitable change. Your ability to detach yourself from old emotions will be tested. Do not resist transformation at the risk of stagnating in the past. Mercury can play tricks on you if you try to hide your true feelings by not telling the truth. Warning, do not underestimate the power of the Moon!


The planet Jupiter adores your sign and its position in Aries will increase your self-esteem and your desire to move forward. As for Mercury retrograde, be careful when sending documents and your exchanges in writing. If a double check and still necessary, until June 3, 2022 do three!!!!

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Mercury retrograde May 2022: the life of these 6 astro signs will get complicated

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