What gift to give on a birthday according to the astrological sign of the child?

All occasions are good to talk about astrology! Especially when she can help us find a gift faster. Here is a short guide to help you find a birthday present for a child more easily, from 6 years old, according to their astrological sign.

What gift for a Pisces child?

Needless to say, Pisces is the poet of the zodiac! Since he is overflowing with imagination, why not give him a nice notebook, in which he can write his best stories? That he can of course lock, because let’s not forget, the Pisces child is very discreet and hates above all that we go into his bubble.

What gift for a little Taurus?

The Bull are quiet forces, they are naturally calm. Nothing would make them happier than a board game to enjoy a warm family moment. A book would also do the trick: they like to immerse themselves in wacky and whimsical stories.

A birthday present for an Aries child

The small Aries have a lot of energy to spare. They trudge and heckle everywhere, all the time, in short, they are untenable. To help your child be calmer in the evening (and to help you)choose a game with which he will be able to let off steam. For the little ones, a ball with which he can play inside or outside. For older children, a bicycle or a skipping rope. Opt for a sports toy!

What gift for a Gemini child?

L’Gemini child is smiling and laughing! He is dynamic, intelligent and smart. Nothing would make him happier than a toy he can play with his friends or siblings. Little Gemini is very sociable and a great talker: he likes to share things with others. To guide you, we offer you funny action board games like SOS marmosets, the UNO Where the power 4 for example.

Give a birthday gift to a Cancer child

Cancerians are very emotional. Children, they also had trouble managing what they feel. Why not offer them an educational game, or a book, which teaches them to express and manage your emotions ? They are also children who have their heads in the clouds, they will enjoy coloring and drawing games.

What gift to give for a birthday to a Leo child?

Whether small or large, the Leo likes to be the center of attention. He likes to be looked at and above all to be admired. The Leo child loves having an audience! Why not give him a microphone for childrenso that he can do his show as it should? In short, give him a gift with which he can shine.

The perfect gift for a Virgo child

It’s known, everyone knows it, people whose sign is Virgo are very maniacal. For a little funwhy not give a little one a toy vacuum cleaner or a dinette? He will take great pleasure in arranging his dishes and doing the housework. For more serious, for older children, opt for manual games. Virgos are very thorough, picky, and perfectionists. They handle the arts deco brilliantly.

What is the Libra child’s favorite game?

Nothing amuses children whose astrological sign is Libra. They are happy children, who always have a smile on their face. They are also very funny and like to clown around. The older ones appreciate the mime games and guessing games, such as Times’Up for example.

What gift to give to a Scorpio child?

The Scorpio child loves learning very much. Give him a beautiful book, which he will read carefully. A fantastic, historical, romantic story… He likes everything! Do not hesitate to offer him board games. Scorpios are very active and love games that are played with others. Especially since they are great tacticians…

The perfect gift for an Aquarius child!

Aquarius children are often artists! Therefore, why not give your little Aquarius a standing microphone to hone his singing skills? By the way, all musical toys and musical instruments will please him. Aquarius children are also independent. You can offer them a book, they will appreciate these moments of reading alone.

What birthday present for the Sagittarius child?

In astrology, Sagittarians are seen as the most adventurous. It is also one of the most curious signs of the Zodiac. The little Sagittarians will appreciate a book whywho will teach them full new things. You can also try to offer a book on a particular continent, which explains its history and customs. As in Egypt for example, which fascinates many children.

For a little Capricorn, what gift?

Whether young or old, Capricorns love thinking games, puzzles, logic games… For older children, opt for a Rubik’s Cube or a puzzle! Or a crossword and sudoku book. For the little ones, from one year old, you can already offer them puzzle games, adapted to their young age.

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What gift to give on a birthday according to the astrological sign of the child?

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