First Full Moon of the Year: The Energies of the Wolf Full Moon on January 7, 2023

Any full moon is a time when two opposing and therefore complementary forces come face to face, in powerful focus. This is why they are often felt very intensely. This also means that there are two ways to live this peak of the lunation cycle: either by undergoing the tensions present, or by taking advantage of them as a fabulous energetic potential conducive to freeing our creativity. To promote the second alternative, we are going to take stock of the particular dynamics of this full moon at the very beginning of the year and offer you a message of liberation.

What are the forces present for this Full Moon of January 7?

Whatever your sun sign, it plays out between Capricorn and the Cancer. What concerns us here is to find a point of reconciliation between the need to save our strength as much as possible (Capricorn) and the need to feel intensely alive and fulfilled (Cancer).

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To better understand the issues, let’s explore the Cancer/Capricorn polarities when they are expressed in imbalance:

  • If the imbalance leans more towards Capricorn, we are ruled by our fears of missing out. This energy of the hollow of winter pushes us to systematically envisage the worst and with this in mind, to create a life of the most austere. We may tend to isolate ourselves to avoid any expense (money, time, energy) that necessarily involves a rich social life.
  • On the contrary, if it is Cancer that predominates, we tend to squander our strength as we are keen to take care of those around us. Our emotions are on edge, and we are so sensitive to feelings of lack or ill-being in ourselves and others that we immediately feel an irrepressible need to fill them, whatever the cost.

This full moon launches the energies of 2023, so we have every interest in keeping a particularly close eye on it. (To understand in detail the energies of your year, see my video Astro 2023)

So how do you reconcile this need for personal preservation and this need to vibrate with the world?

A Full Moon connected to other planets

Mercury retrograde, on the one hand, invites us to review our thought systems in order to optimize our daily lives. Each grain of sand that we encounter in our beautiful routines is an opportunity to improve our methods and to eliminate useless things (gestures, expenses, etc.) which will have the beneficial effect of freeing up new ways for us to achieve what really matters to us. to heart. Thus, a first way to alchemize Capricorn and Cancer will be found.

On the other hand, the Sun being in trine to Uranus in Taurus, this full moon offers us the opportunity to discover a new facet of it (Uranus has been in Taurus since 2018!). To better understand the initiation offered by this configuration, I would like us to look at a well-known expression, and which we could understand more deeply (by the way, Taurus loves old sayings):

“To die of thirst by the fountain”

How could this sentence be useful to us on this full moon? In reality, it is clear that our modern societies are familiar with the fact. We and our fellow human beings spend our lives “dying of thirst by the fountain’s edge.” Why ? Because we are drawn into the mad race of always more; what we perceive around us is never good enough, the glass we could drink from is never clean enough or luxurious enough, the results we achieve are never great enough to satisfy our cravings for recognition… This idea of ​​the eternal dissatisfaction of Western societies has been repeatedly denounced, heard, described and is very probably already part of your own reflections. But today, we have the opportunity to explore it and above all to feel even more deeply how complete we are already when we abandon for a few moments the desire for always more.

For a few moments only, let go of the desire, to see what is, and open your eyes to the fountain which opens its arms to us and which has always been there.

Beautiful full moon!

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First Full Moon of the Year: The Energies of the Wolf Full Moon on January 7, 2023

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