Astrology, Nabilla, former runner-up to Miss France … All about “Cosmic Love”, the new reality show from Prime Video

Nabilla Vergara hosts “Cosmic Love” Amazon Prime Video

The streaming platform is launching, on January 6, a new romance program where the twelve signs of the Zodiac and the influence of the stars are at the center of meetings between sixteen single people.

After “Bachelor, the single gentleman”, “Love is in the meadow”, “The Princes and Princesses of love”, “Ten perfect couples” or “Married at first sight”, ITV Studios France draws a new romance reality TV format. In “Cosmic Love”, love compatibilities have been studied based on the birth chart of each single person. On the one hand, four young women aged 22 to 25 have been selected to embody the four founding elements of astrology: one with a sign of fire, another with a sign of water, a third with an earth sign and the last with an air sign. In front of them, twelve single people qualified as cosmic lovers are aged 23 to 29, ten men and two women, each with a different astrological sign.

Last summer, these sixteen candidates took part in the filming carried out in a sumptuous villa on the island of Malta with Nabilla Vergara to guide them. Throughout an adventure punctuated by astrology, ceremonies will punctuate their daily lives and subject cosmic lovers to the risk of elimination. In total, around twenty 35-minute episodes will be broadcast on Amazon Prime Video, fourteen from Friday January 6, 2023 then the last six from Friday January 13.

The second runner-up to Miss France 2018 in the casting

Among the four central candidates of “Cosmic Love”, Lison Di Martino has the distinction of having participated in the Miss France competition in 2017 (She was on the cover of TVMagazine dedicated to the event). First titled Miss Ile-de-France, she had obtained the sash of second runner-up from Miss France 2018, Maeva Coucke. Then aged 18, the Staps license student in Marne-la-Vallée who was destined for a job as a sports coach told us that she lacked self-confidence because she was too shy and reserved. “I love the series Grey’s Anatomy, The Scott brothers, gossip girl. I love Christmas TV movies and romantic comedies, but also Camping Paradise WhereJosephine Guardian Angel », she told us at the time about her taste in television programs.

Cosmic Love: the 4 elements

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Among the other candidate “elements” of “Cosmic Love”, Marine Reddan, alias Moontestified in November 2020 to Konbini of his misadventure, at the age of 18, when he discovered that photos from his Instagram account had been exploited by his employer on a pornographic site. Professionally, she has notably been an intern for the programs “Tattoo Cover” on TFX as well as “Recherche appartement ou maison” and “Maison à vente” on M6. On the side of cosmic lovers, Vincent Ramonet is a familiar face to fans of the hugely popular YouTube channel of Bastos, former candidate of “Secret Story”.

Cosmic Love: the 12 cosmic lovers

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Astrology, Nabilla, former runner-up to Miss France … All about “Cosmic Love”, the new reality show from Prime Video

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