Wednesday, February 2, 2022

updated on Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Heres Which Encanto Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac

If you’re a fan of the Encanto movie, you’re not alone! What if our astro sign could determine which character in the film we are?

The Disney movie “Encanto” is a Colombian story realistic and magical about a family who are given special powers after surviving a tragedy.

Nowadays, a few generations later, they live together in a magical house and each member develops their own talent, such as the ability to control the weather and talk to animals. Their home responds to the demands of the family and responds to their moods. The astrologers looked into the film and found similarities between the astrological signss and characters from the movie.

Astro: Tell us your sign, we’ll tell you which Encanto character you are

Mirabel is the heroine of our story. The day our story begins is the gift giving ceremony to Antonio, Mirabel’s young cousin. He’s scared that he won’t get a gift too.

Encanto’s cast, especially the Madrigal family, is pretty robust with 12 members in the film, which perfectly matches the Zodiac signs.

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