What style of decoration suits you according to your astrological sign?

You have just acquired a property and have no ideas for the decoration? Do you want something 100% personalized? What if you trusted astrology? You may not know it, but it seems that each zodiac sign has its little preferences in terms of decoration.

Of course, all this is not to be taken literally, we are not limited to our sign. On the other hand, if you lack ideas, this can be the way to create a decoration that will speak to you and make you feel at home. We tell you more…

1 – Aries: ethnic chic atmosphere

Rams are very energetic people, who love to discover new cultures, travel, go out, in short… They don’t stay put! People of this sign will therefore feel at ease in a interior regrouping their travel memories and more generally, an ethnic atmosphere mixing warm tones, natural materials and authentic furniture.

2 – Taurus: flea market atmosphere

We might as well not hide it, bulls are generally a bit materialistic. They like to own and collect pretty things. It is therefore not uncommon that he.she.s spend every Sunday afternoon poking around flea markets looking for rare items. Once back home, people of this sign will have no other desire than to display them on shelves or hang them on the wall!

3 – Gemini: refined atmosphere

You are an air sign and therefore seek purity, modernity, chic. Besides, you love to leave the windows open. And your sleek interior tends to surf on home staging. You love to divert your furniture and give it a second life. The objective is always the same: practicality!

4 – Cancer: baroque atmosphere

For you, interior decoration is a VERY important subject. You only feel good in a comfortable atmosphereintimate and which gives pride of place to the charm of the old. Plays of light, curtains, lampshades, dimmed lamps… the lighting atmosphere of your home is essential to your well-being.

5 – Lion: luxury atmosphere

Versailles, Hollywood, Italian dolce vita, Côte d’Azur… you like luxury, and you don’t hide it. Your inspirations come straight from these places renowned for their splendor. Artwork on the wall or on display, your interior throws and mixes the latest decoration trends and you love everything that glitters!

6 – Virgo: modern atmosphere

“Everything in its place and every place has its thing” ! With you, nothing lingers. You like well-defined spaces (bye bye the open kitchen)sleek furniture and atmospheres. Your decor is modern, a bit cold (you admit it) and is based on a mixture of white and black.

7 – Balance: artistic atmosphere

The decoration of the scales is a program in itself! We surf between cozy atmosphere and various artistic influences. Green plants and original paintings rub shoulders amid Berber cushions and a wood and iron dining table. You like to mix styles, as long as the whole remains harmonious and inspiring for you.

8 – Scorpio: audacious atmosphere

It’s very simple: the decoration of a scorpion could easily be found on Instagram. He.she likes bold decorations, with bright colors and marked patterns. A Scorpio person is not afraid to twist styles and assert their personality. Moreover, it regularly happens thatshe “spins” and decides to change all her decor in a weekend.

9 – Sagittarius: vegetal atmosphere

If there is an astrological sign that has good the green handit’s you ! You love natural, uncluttered and ultra green interiors. Plants no longer have any secrets for you and besides, you put some in all rooms ! From the living room to the toilets, the bathroom and the kitchen!

10 – Capricorn: mountain atmosphere

Rather classic and conventional, you still like your decor to have a certain character. Your big thing? The mountain decor, warm, which mixes faux fur, wood, leather, linen and wool. You like to receive your friends around a large wooden table. The mountain, that you win !

11 – Aquarius: futuristic atmosphere

Glass, plastic and steel are your favorite materials. You like clean, minimalist lines and practical, retractable furniture. Your walls are adorned with holiday photos and/or urban representations. As for high tech? It is omnipresent in your daily life and you turn on the light with the voice.

12 – Fish: exotic atmosphere

We end with the fish that have only one idea in mind: travel from the moment they set foot in their home.. A common point that people of this sign share with Aries. The fish particularly fond of natural materials such as linen, rattan, bamboo or even seagrass.

Did you find yourself in the decorative description of your astrological sign? This is a good way to start imagining your decor, if you really have no idea. Have fun !

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What style of decoration suits you according to your astrological sign?

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