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I think they are related. The first few episodes definitely felt like I was triggered by my nervous system, starting with feeling overwhelmed with a terrifying feeling of anxiety. But the subsequent heart palpitations, rapid heartbeats, and general feelings of a weak or exercised heart are definitely physical manifestations. Only a few months ago I was able to do 100 push-ups (four sets of 25 reps) in the morning. Today, I’m lucky if I can do 50 without feeling like I’ve done too much.

In the wake of the Texas shooting, what are your thoughts on the need to focus on mental health? Did the medications you took help you?

There was a need to focus on mental health long before the massacre in Texas. Unfortunately, we have a taboo around this, especially for men, who are supposed to be Spartans who can deal with their problems and their emotions without any help. Look where we are. Clearly it doesn’t work. I’m brand new myself. My default is reluctant to admit I need help, let alone ask for it. But I had to recognize that I needed help and then take action to get it.

I just had my third session with a therapist, who has already been very helpful. I wish I had done this sooner. As for meds, I started 2022 with just ibuprofen in my medicine cabinet. Now I have medication for anxiety, another for cholesterol and a beta-blocker. Besides professionals and prescriptions, a lot of relief came from meditation, breathing exercises, physical exercise, and staying in touch with people. Isolation is the enemy.

Are the doctors receptive to what you are describing or do you get better information online?

In February, the first doctor I saw on this subject, as well as a cardiologist, gave me stress tests, in which my heart seemed to be working well. They weren’t necessarily dismissive of my allegations of physical problems, but they didn’t seem to see any urgency in it. When I was in the ER in Cleveland in early May, the doctor basically gave me Ativan for anxiety, correctly pointing out that it was just a band-aid.

But the articles I’ve read online about post-Covid symptoms of panic or anxiety as well as cardiovascular issues almost identically support much of what I’ve experienced. My primary care physician understands that everything that is happening to me is very real and on many levels. As for definitive solutions and answers, it seems that the medical community is still collecting data.

Twitter has agreed to pay $150 million as part of a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission and the Department of Justice over how it used private information like phone numbers for years. “Twitter obtained user data under the guise of mining it for security purposes, but then ended up using it to target users with ads as well,” commission chair Lina Khan said in a statement. communicated. “This allegedly deceptive practice has potentially affected over 140 million Twitter users, while increasing Twitter’s primary source of revenue.”

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Reviews | In Texas Rampage’s Wake, Social Media Can Reform – Reuters News in France and abroad

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