Most manipulative star sign – beware

What is the most manipulative zodiac sign? Being manipulative is a natural human trait. Everyone tries, in one way or another, to manipulate others into doing something unconsciously. But each zodiac sign has a particular approach. Still, some are better than others.


Scorpios are masters of manipulation and will easily make you believe some of their ideas.. Their strategy includes a variety of weapons – flattery, inculcation of guilt, bribes, etc. Sometimes the Scorpio man creates panic in you so that he can then fix the problem. This way you will feel so grateful for his help!

The most mischievous sign


Crabs are very sensitive animals, just like people under the sign of Cancer. That’s fine, if you like romance and emotional surprises. But these people also use emotions to manipulate. For example, your friend may cry and seeing his tears, you will immediately forget that you were angry with him.

These people use emotions to manipulate

worst zodiac signs scorpio


People under this sign are certainly great manipulators, but their strongest asset is flattery. However, they can also be quite biting, albeit indirectly: “Are you really going to wear that?” (Accompanied by a sweet smile), “Most people wouldn’t dress like that, but you look good.” »

Do not be attached to flattery and insults when you are angry, but defend yourself. If you’re angry at any of his comments, he’ll immediately tell you he was kidding. Very funny, isn’t it?

The most profitable sign

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Find out now what type of manipulator you and your partner are based on your zodiac signs.

Each sign has its conduct: the other signs are no less manipulative

Aries: with perseverance

Aries is relentless and does not give up easily. He manipulates others through his strong persistence. When the representative of Aries wants something from another person, he annoys and teases him until he achieves his goal. Aries often hides this perseverance behind a sweet smile.

Aries won’t be distracted until their wishes come true

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Bull : by guilt

“You don’t like the gift?” But I tried my best, I went around 5 stores until I found this one. Well, how not to feel bad after such a confession. This makes it difficult for him to accept defeat and resort to manipulation instead of apologizing.

Taurus is just stubborn and doesn’t like to lose.

what is the most lying zodiac sign capricorn

Gemini: by a lie

The twins manipulate by concealing the truth or directly telling a lie if they deem it necessary. They may say they are going to do something, but actually have no intention of doing it. In addition, they are able to deceive others with their good public speaking skills.

Yes, people of this sign are not very sincere

twins most manipulative star signs

Virgo: by being wrong

Representatives of this zodiac sign manipulate indirectly. They don’t directly say what they want, but make you think through various clues and hints. Virgo can even trick you into thinking that what he really wanted and desires to do is your idea.

Virgo people are wicked and pretty smart

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Libra: flirting

People of this sign use the manipulative trick of ignorance. They may mislead you by telling you that they do not have the appropriate skills and/or knowledge for a task and that they cannot perform it. Pretending to be helpless and ignorant, they will make you do the work for them.

Libra uses flirting as a way to successfully manipulate

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Sagittarius: you can’t refuse him

These people are quite open and give the impression that they could not manipulate others. They are just very nice and charming. And so – with good, they manage to get others to do their job. They will ask for something with such kindness, casualness and elegance that you simply cannot refuse them.

You will not even remember that this person manipulated you!

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Capricorn: they manipulate people at work

They are workaholics and manipulate people at work, especially their subordinates. One of their favorite techniques is to ask for something very difficult to do, almost impossible. Then they give you another option that seems much easier and more logical. This way, no one can refuse a much smaller request, even if it too is by no means small.

In general, Capricorns are truly successful businessmen and ladies. Precisely because they know how to put themselves under the skin of their subordinates. They use the same tactic in love. They caress you with a velvet glove, while you, as their partner, do whatever they tell you.

The most powerful zodiac sign

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Aquarius: inconsistent behavior

What is the most angry zodiac sign? This zodiac sign tends to be cold and inconsistent with people and then to manipulate them. In one second this person can talk to you, and in another – not notice you. This behavior will confuse you and force you to do what he wants you to do.

You won’t even realize you’ve been manipulated

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Pisces: by inaction

This zodiac sign manipulates others by not taking responsibility for their actions. People of this sign are considered so creative and unique that anything should be forgiven. They are never guilty of anything and shirk all commitments like slippery fish. If Pisces wants something from someone, they just blame them.

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Most manipulative star sign – beware

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