what does the year of the Water Rabbit have in store for you, sign by sign?

Chinese astrology can give you keys to understanding your year 2023. It’s the year of the Water Rabbit, find out what it has in store for you according to your sign.

In chinese astrology, your sign depends on your year of birth. The year 2022 was the year of the Tiger and 2023 is the year of the Water Rabbit (the Rabbit is the 4th Chinese astrological sign). It begins on January 22, 2023, the date of the Chinese New Year and ends on February 9, 2024. Each animal has its own symbolism: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Cat, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig . The Rabbit is a symbol of longevity in Chinese astrology. Thus, 2023 promises to be a year of hope and great opportunities.. The last year of the Rabbit dates back to 2011! If your sign is Rabbit, you are certainly a very quick-witted person who is often vigilant, you have a great sense of responsibility. You are also a patient and intuitive person.

Just like in western astrology, there are compatibilities between the signs. With whom does the Rabbit get along the best? It is particularly in agreement with the Goat, the Dog and the Pig. 2023 is the year of the Water Rabbit. In Chinese astrology, there are 5 elements: Water, Wood, Metal, Earth, Fire. This element will play a big role in the character of the Rabbit. While the Earth Rabbit is very outspoken, ambitious, and a bit shy, the Water Rabbit is seen as very kind, adaptable but can sometimes lack determination. This year 2023 holds many surprises for all signs.

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Chinese astrology: what the year of the Rabbit will bring to each sign

Rat : the sign of the Rat may encounter difficulties in 2023. Caution is required in order not to take too many risks. On the work side, however, everything seems to be going well. Be careful, however, to stay away from conflicts at the risk of being impacted. This is not the year of love for the Rat, who will find it difficult to make encounters that upset him. If he is already in a relationship, the Rat may need to open up and clear up problems that have been left aside for too long.

Buffalo : this year 2023 promises to be rather good for the Ox. This sign is offered opportunities that will serve him to develop his career. On this side, nothing to report. Single Ox could also find love During this year. However, their health can be fragile: you have to take care of them and listen to your body.

Tiger : The Tiger is going to have a good year in general, if he is able to question himself in order to move forward better. The Tiger feels well surrounded and he is right because the help of others is very useful to him. HASAttention on the other hand on the money side : ask for advice on how to manage it better.

Rabbit : This is the year of the Water Rabbit. 2023 will be beautiful but go give it its share of challenges. Big changes, important decisions… Be careful not to rush. On the work side, an improvement is expected, especially on the financial side.

Dragon : This coming year promises to be uneventful for the sign of the Dragon. He must perpetuate his efforts to stay on the right path. His career is a hit: he is recognized, we like his work and it feels good. Finally, if commitment is not on the agenda, the Dragon is loving with the person with whom he shares his life. On the health side, everything is fine but he should take more time to relax and not force himself too much.

Snake : It’s a good year for the Snake. He works well and can have a job change and salary increase. He can make interesting encounters and falling in love. The Snake in couple, will, him, argue with his half. Thus, do not start at quarter turn and immediately try to calm things down. Your couple will grow out of it.

Horse : The Horse can be lucky in 2023, but he can also encounter difficulties. At work, for example, everything is in the details: be more thorough. Ditto for money: avoid unnecessary expenses at the risk of having financial problems later. On the heart side, the forecasts are looking good and the Single Horse could meet his soul mate.

Goat : In 2023, the Goat must be pragmatic. On the work side, everything is going pretty well, you might even finally get recognition from your peers and a salary increase. She comes at the right time! If the Goat is in a relationship, pay attention to the routine that could tire you. If the Goat wants to meet people, then a little advice: he must not let himself be coaxed by the physical aspect of the person. She needs to dig deeper.

Monkey : The Monkey works well. He must continue on this path even if he has the impression of stagnating a little. Why ? In fact, it is moving forward and it could pay off later in the year. The Monkey is lucky on the heart side. He can make beautiful encounters or deepen an existing relationship.

Rooster : Unfortunately 2023 does not look incredible for this sign. He has the feeling of stagnating at all levels and this can create frustration. He needs to protect himself and surround himself with reliable people. On the financial side, great caution is required. If the Rooster is in a relationship, he may have desires to concretize his love.

Dog : The Dog must be careful in 2023. He must invest more in work at the risk of losing him. He must also follow his instinct: this can only be beneficial for him. It is in love that the Dog is very lucky : Singles are successful and Dogs in couple love without counting. Finally, this sign must pay attention to his health and take care of him.

Pig : The Pig will experience a moment of calm. He will feel surrounded, both at work and in his family. He even has the chance to get a raise. It will attract people and perhaps create new relationships. If the Pig is married, then his marriage is in good shape. Attention to health: he must take care of himself.

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what does the year of the Water Rabbit have in store for you, sign by sign?

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