Astrology: Here is your dominant trait in love according to your sign

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Each astrological sign adopts a different behavior in love and each has a very unique personality. Find out here what is your dominant character trait when it comes to love.

When it comes to love, every relationship and every person is different. But it is true that your astrological sign can partly determine what type of lover you are. And above all, your personality stems directly from it. Thus, some astrological signs will be more romantic. Others will be more faithful or even more spontaneous… And the way you act in love very often depends on your sign. Using astrology to find out what type of relationship is best for you can also be a great way to grow. Here are the dominant character traits according to each sign. Thus, you will be able to know what is really your behavior in love, and what you need.

Aries: Spontaneous

As an Aries, you love adventure. You are very often someone fiery, romantic but above all spontaneous. In love, you need someone who can follow you in your desire to escape. You need to have a passionate relationship. But it also makes you very impulsive and independent. After all, remember, Aries is a fire sign. And it’s not for nothing! You don’t have a lot of patience and you need to live a relationship at 100 per hour. Be careful, you tend to get tired of your partner very quickly.

Taurus: Constant

Taurus can be very romantic. But above all, you are a very loyal and constant person. Thus, you will appreciate the security and comfort of an already well-established routine.. Very often, you are a homebody. So, you may enjoy a date at the restaurant with your other half, but generally, you prefer a good old Netflix & chill at home. This personality trait is reflected in the way you manage your money. You do not spend lavishly because you are afraid of running out. You need some security in your life in general.

Gemini: Adventurer

If you’re a Gemini, you desperately need adventure. You are someone who likes twists and the routine is really not for you. As a Gemini, you need to have fun, to always find new activities to do. You are also a very communicative person. Thus, your partner will also have to like the adventure, at the risk otherwise, of boring you. Moreover, you are an honest person and you like to talk about everything in your relationship. Gemini is therefore open, adventurous and likes to have a certain freedom. This is the free electron of the zodiac.

Cancer: Susceptible

Cancer is a lover of love. If this is your astrological sign, you are an extremely tender, sensitive person who likes to take care of his/her partner. You are a very dedicated person. Somewhat dreamy, you also look for family values ​​above all in someone. Thus, Cancers are naturally loving beings, who will do everything to make their partner feel good in the relationship. This is why they are also very loyal people and very often commit themselves for the long term.

Leo: Passionate

With a lion, it’s all or nothing! This is the astrological sign that is probably the most passionate. When it comes to love, the lion is a very intense person. He needs to live a relationship entirely dedicated to his/her partner. If this is your sign, you will often be very involved in your relationship. The lion likes to have the admiration of his/her partner, but he will give it just as much. Very impulsive, very jealous but also very loving and generous in his feelings. If you’re a lion, you’re far from half measures. So, you want to live an absolutely exceptional love story.

Virgo: Organized

If you are a virgin, you have an ultra-developed sense of organization. And this is a very important point in your relationship. Your partner will also have to be very organized and this relationship must have meaning for you. Because, just like the bull, you like to have your routine and breaking it bothers you. You like to be in control, without making all the decisions. As a Virgo, you just like everything to be square and organized. Be careful, you also tend to keep your feelings to yourself and you are not very communicative on this point.

Libra: Undecided

If you’re Libra, you’ll probably find yourself in the middle of a love triangle one day. Because yes, the character trait that defines you the most in love is indecision. You like to please people, to the point of sometimes forgetting what you need. You are someone romantic at heart and you like to impress your partner. Commitment is essential for you in a relationship. But you tend to like challenges and don’t really know what suits you best. Hence this indecision. Remember to focus on your real needs in your relationship.

Scorpio: Devoted

Scorpios express their love in very strong and obvious ways. You are someone totally devoted to your partner, without fuss and without detour. You are 100% invested in your relationship and for you, there is no room for hesitation. The chemistry must be palpable if you want to flourish in a relationship. If you’re a Scorpio, love is definitely not something to be taken lightly for you. And besides, this character trait also applies to friendship. You are very loyal to your friends and put them first. And of course, you expect your partner to be as dedicated as you are.

Sagittarius: Independent

As a fire sign, Sagittarians are extremely passionate in their relationship. But they also need some freedom and independence to fully thrive. Very often, you will find it difficult to commit yourself because you need to feel this passion that drives you. For you, love is synonymous with adventure. Thus, you don’t like to be confined to a basic relationship. You need originality. This is why you will quickly feel suffocated by your partner. Independence is essential for you in any romantic relationship.

Capricorn: Ambitious

Capricorns can be trustworthy and loving. But very often, they are also very ambitious and this makes them very demanding with their partners. If you are a Capricorn, you will be quite strict in your relationship. You are waiting for someone with the same ambitions and the same values ​​as you. Capricorns emphasize their responsibility and duty to fulfill all their desires in life. When a Capricorn wants something, they will do anything to get it, sometimes to the detriment of their romantic relationship. However, when he finds his half, he is very loyal.

Aquarius: Intellectual

If you are an Aquarius, you are someone very difficult to pin down. You are a very complex person. In your romantic relationship, you need to put the intellect above all else. Thus, you will need a partner with whom you can talk about anything, with a minimum of intelligence. However, once you are interested in someone, you also need that person to have the same values ​​as yours. Yes, as an Aquarius you are not easy to please and you can seem very picky at first. But contrary to popular belief, you are a very loving person who is totally invested in his relationship.

Pisces: Emotional

The astrological sign of Pisces is very empathetic. If this is your sign, you are a very caring person towards your partner. You will do everything to make him/her feel good in your relationship. Your credo? ” The heart has its reasons that reason ignores “. However, you expect your partner to do the same for you. You are waiting for someone who is loving, caring and willing to do anything for you. Pisces are deeply kind beings, but also very romantic. For you, the ideal relationship is straight out of a fairy tale.

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Astrology: Here is your dominant trait in love according to your sign

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