The inspiring readings of Frédéric Lopez


Frédéric Lopez has been present on France 2, since the end of October, the Sunday program “A Sunday in the countryside”

by Stephanie Condis

The host has imagined, produced and presented several programs which have been able to trigger a click for viewers in their personal and professional lives: from ” Meeting in unknown land “ at ” The unexpected parenthesis »Passing by ” A Sunday in the countrysidee “a new Sunday program broadcast since the end of October on France 2. The journalist, who practices meditation and taking a step back, shares inspiring reading tips through several books that have marked him.


Hans Rosling, a Swedish statistician who died in 2017, specifies, on the cover, the definition of this English term: “ healthy habit of basing opinions on facts “. Because we are all influenced by biases, emphasizes Frédéric Lopez: “ It is also a book on how the media tell us about the world, on the representation we have of it, compared to the facts. We then realize that there is not much connection between the threats that weigh on us and our fears. We realize that if the world is going through incredible crises today, in reality, it has always been the case. I have a hard time with the ambient pessimism because it’s discouraging, it doesn’t make you want to commit…” The facilitator advises a further further readingpublished in 2017 by Le Pommier editions and signed by Michael Serreshis favorite philosopher: It was better before »with, in subtitle, “ That’s good, I was there before “.

Written by Hans Rosling and published by Flammarion in 2019 (400 pages): €23.90. Site :

Humanity, an optimistic storyhuman history

According to this essay, which is both didactic and not devoid of humour, ” most people are good. A revolutionary idea exposed very seriously by Rutger Bregman: “ It’s a young Dutch historian already author ofRealistic utopiasanother great bookrecalls Frédéric Lopez. Today’s utopia is tomorrow’s reality so it’s not being naive to dream, we mustn’t forget to do it. ” This utopian bestsellerpublished in 2017 by Le Seuil, examines the 15-hour work week, the eradication of borders and poverty, universal income, etc.

Written by Rutger Bregman and published in Le Seuil in 2020 (432 pages): €21.90. Site :

reality of realitiesThe reality of reality

I have been very interested in non-violent communication which recommends going up the hill of the other to adopt their point of viewsays Frédéric Lopez. Because usually, everyone stays in their reality, as Paul Watzlawick analyzes in his book The Reality of Reality “. the American psychotherapist, communication theoristwho died in 2007, subtitled his book “ confusion, misinformation, communication and he warns: Of all the illusions, the most dangerous is to think that there is only one reality. In fact, what exists are different versions of reality. »

Written by Paul Watzlawick and published by Points Essais in 2014 (256 pages): €8.30. Site :

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Meditate day by dayMeditate-new-band

The bestseller brings together 25 lessons like so many facets of meditation, with each time an exercisefor example breathing, inhabiting your body, leaving room for emotions… “ My introduction to mindfulness meditation began twelve years agoexplains Frédéric Lopez. I learned to live in the moment, rather than giving in to the tyranny of the mind, which takes us into the past or the future but not really into the present. To meditate is not to stop thinking, nor to create a vacuum. You have to put your attention on a sensation of the body, on the breath and, naturally, the thoughts wander. The more you practice, the easier it gets. It helped me be less anxious. »

Written by Christopher Andre and published by L’Iconoclaste in 2011 (300 pages): €24.90. Site :

PassagePassage !

Frédéric Lopez signed the preface to this title, which he summarizes as follows: ” a funny book that greatly de-dramatizes failure and gives courage. » The work of anti-cliché meditation was written by an entrepreneur who graduated from Essec assailed by existential questions. The publishing house presents it as its interior travel diaryan unfiltered story between joys and galleys, between messy chronicles and crazy meditations. A experience sharing (and not expertise) to discover meditation differently. »

Written by Marianne Leenart and published by Flammarion in 2019 (320 pages): €17.90. Site :

To complete the reading of this article, find Frederic Lopez’s interview in the new issue of Courrier Cadres magazine.

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The inspiring readings of Frédéric Lopez

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