François Mitterrand: what the star of French astrology preferred to hide from him, “you should never say it”

Consulted by various heads of state, including François Mitterrand, the famous French astrologer Élizabeth Teissier preferred to hide certain things from her, as she revealed during her appearance on the program Chez Jordan on Saturday April 2, 2022.

President of the Republic for two consecutive terms between 1981 and 1995François Mitterrand still holds the record for longevity at the head of France under the 5th Republic, with 14 years of presence within the Élysée. Died in 1996, the former Head of State consulted many advisers throughout his two terms as President. Jacques Chirac’s predecessor also had recourse to the services of the famous French astrologer: Élizabeth Teissier. “Ah! my dear Scorpion François Mitterrand! He consulted me for five or six years, between 1989 and 1996, until his death…“, she revealed.

Passing through the show At Jordan’s Saturday April 2, 2022, Elizabeth Teissier confessed to having preferred to hide certain information to François Mitterrand when the latter had recourse to his talents as an astrologer. “As a good Scorpio, he asked me: when am I going to die? And that is terrible. I had a hypothesis, but I never answered him. We must never say it: we are not God the father, we are never sure, and what is the point?“, she explained. During their various interviews, François Mitterrand questioned Élizabeth Teissier on various subjects, such as for example: the gulf war, his hidden daughter Mazarinehis own death, or even the ideal dates for his official meetings, or his speeches to the French.

Élizabeth Teissier on Jacques Chirac: “A Sagittarius who liked me”

During her career, Élizabeth Teissier was consulted by several heads of state. “There was also Chirac. A Sagittarius who liked me. When he came to Geneva, he called me to come and see me. He asked me what all people ask: how will it continue… At the time, he was in rivalry with Balladur, and he had asked me about this opposition with him“, revealed the astrologer, who also advised the King of Spain Juan Carlos. As a reminder, Elizabeth Teissier had unveiled the recorded cassettes of his conversations with François Mitterrand in the early 2000s.

François Mitterrand: what the star of French astrology preferred to hide from him, “you should never say it”

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