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Emotional and intuitive, Water signs don’t get along well with all other signs. Who do Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces work best with? Who should they be wary of? We tell you everything!

The sensitive Cancer (June 22-July 22), the elusive pisces (February 20-March 20) as well as the mysterious Scorpio (October 24-November 22) are signs governed by the Water element. This means they share common character traitssuch as a great emotivity and strong intuitionwhich can play tricks on them in their professional environment.

Cancer: too emotional!

Despite appearances, Cancer is most certainly one of the most sensitive signs of the zodiac. Under its shell, composed of sarcastic and demanding remarks towards those around him, the misunderstood Cancer can show particularly vulnerable. He will be able to reveal his sensitivity at work to his colleagues of the same sign, and also has an excellent friendly compatibility with the natives of the Scorpio sign, who will be able to show him all their affection.
At work, Cancer must be wary of the intrepid Sagittariusalso very influenced by the moon, at the risk of engaging in conflicts that are as useless as they are exhausting.

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Scorpio: determined and stubborn

Can’t change a Scorpio’s mind who would have made a decision at work! The natives of this Water sign are distinguished by their complex emotions, which are sometimes very difficult for the rest of the world to understand. Fortunately, Scorpio has a excellent friendly compatibility with Cancer : these two will be able to help each other at work on a daily basis, and help each other achieve their mutual goals.
Scorpio, however, must be wary at all too determined Aries : their compatibility at work is at an all-time low, as these two natives could well engage in a unhealthy competition, conducive to low blows. Distrust also with Libras always in search of harmony : their relationship could very quickly turn sour, and turn into open warwhere all moves are allowed.

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Pisces: a sweet dreamer

Pisces are known for their ability to attend meetings… without really being present. These natives have always head in the clouds, which can play tricks on them. In addition, Pisces hate conflicts, and will do everything to avoid them, especially in front of their boss! If the love compatibility of Pisces is optimal with ambitious signs such as Cancer and CapricornIt’s a different story when it comes to Air signs.
Pisces must indeed be particularly wary versatile Geminiwhich may only bring them disappointments at work…even real emotional wounds. Caution is therefore called for!

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Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces… what are your good associations at work? – Here is

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