Tourism: what will be the travel trends in 2023?

Unmissable spots, accommodation in sight, financial concerns of travelers and even trips to virtual worlds: at the end of 2022, tourism players are starting to see more clearly about the trends for the year 2023. A few ways to imagine tomorrow’s journey.

The 10 top destinations for 2023 according to

Are you looking for “the place to be” to travel in 2023? The online accommodation reservation site has conducted a study to identify the 10 destinations that will rise next year, at the top of which we find São Paulo, in Brazil, followed by Budva, in Montenegro and Pondicherry, in India.

These alternative destinations that resemble the most popular tourist spots in the world

Among the other places which should emerge in 2023 around the world, are also Querétaro and Bolzano, in Mexico, but also Kota Kinabalu, in Malaysia, access point to the national park of Kinabalu, which shelters the eponymous mount. Without forgetting Kalambaka, not far from Meteorsin GreeceSanta Fe and its Pueblo style architecture, in the United States, as well as Olomouc, in Czech Republic and Hobart, in Australia.

Cine-tourism or when audiovisual inspires travelers

Another trend identified for 2023 by other players in the tourism sector, namely, Abritel and take inspiration from the filming locations of your favorite films and series to choose a travel destination.

Parisian walk on the filming locations of famous romantic cinema scenes

“Today, TV makes the French dream more than social networks and influences more and more their holiday desires”, can we read in the results of the study carried out jointly for the three brands. According to the latter, documentaries, films and series in streaming are now the second biggest source of inspiration for going on a trip (20%), now surpassing social networks (13%).

Thus, more than a third of French respondents (61%) have considered visiting a destination after having seen it in a TV series or a streaming film, and 40% of them have even gone so far as to book a stay.

In particular, there is a desire to travel to the United States, in particular to New York and Los Angeles as well as in Hawaii, motivated by series like “Inventing Anna” or “The White Lotus”. The United Kingdom, theIceland and the New Zealand are not left out, thanks to programs like “The Crown”, “Peaky Blinders”, “The Lord of the Rings” or “Game Of Thrones“.

United Kingdom: what are the filming locations of the hit series “The Crown”?

Disconnecting in the countryside, a trend that is confirmed in 2023

Whether abroad or in France, it also seems that more and more holidaymakers are showing a desire to “proximity to nature and a certain authenticity in the countryside”: in any case, this is what the study carried out for, Abritel and points out, with an increase in searches for ranches or large comfortable farms in several western states in the United States, for outback farmhouses surrounded by acres of vineyards and vegetation in Australia and their European counterparts — converted barns and renovated farmhouses in the Italian, Spanish, French or even British countryside.

Another data that confirms this trend, in France this time: the demand for rural destinations where there are many magnificently restored farmhouses, less than 250 kilometers from Paris, increased on average by more than 60% between September 1, 2021 and August 31, 2022, compared to the previous twelve months. The departments concerned are Bas-Rhin, Haut-Rhin, Sarthe, Indre, Moselle, Marne, Doubs, Loir-et-Cher, Ain and also Oise.

These departments of France where the cows (and the pigs) are more numerous than the inhabitants

What budget to travel in 2023?

If we are to believe the results of the study carried out on behalf of, half of the French people questioned (53%) affirm that affording themselves a holiday remains one of the best investments there is, while remaining conscious of his budget.

How, especially in times of inflation and budgetary sluggishness, can you save money on your holiday budget? A few leads can be found in this study: 57% of French people surveyed indicate that they will take advantage of promotions in particular, 60% of them will use the advantages of loyalty programs, while 61% of them will make sure to reserve their stays in advance to benefit from more advantageous rates.

Here are the top tips for stress-free, money-saving air travel in 2023

Another solution: lower the accommodation budget, which is one of the biggest expenses during a trip. 32% of French travelers surveyed for, Abritel and admit to being more concerned than ever about value for money. Many are thus turning to hotels that are perhaps less prestigious but above all less expensive: notes an overall increase of 20% in demand for 1 to 3 star hotels that offer quality services and facilities, elegant interiors and a unique atmosphere, on the year 2022, compared to the year 2021.

Palace and 5-star hotel: what are the differences?

In 2023, 40% of French travelers surveyed also plan to stay in 1 to 3 star hotels, while 37% of them say they are “attentive to offers including free additional services (breakfast, access to the spa , high-end toiletries)”.

Finally, 23% of them now say they “consider staying more often in 3-star hotels rather than spending a one-time budget on a more luxurious stay”.

Movie theater, flight simulator, recording studio… These 10 hotels where you don’t just sleep

The boom in well-being stays off the beaten track

Another trend that continues in the field of travel: well-being stays, centered around personal development, meditation, nature or sports activities. Proof of this is the figure put forward by the study conducted for, Abritel and 59% of French people questioned say they are more open than before to the idea of ​​treating themselves to a well-being stay. be.

World Sleep Day: our wellness destinations in France to rest

Generation Y in particular (i.e. people born between the early 1980s and the end of the 1990s) dominates this trend: 69% of 25-34 year olds say they are interested in this type of experience, citing in particular bali as an ideal destination.

When to go to Bali?

In 2023, it would also seem that activities such as sylvotherapy (or forest bathing) and fruit harvesting arouse more interest than dietetic cooking classes, sports stays and meditation sessions. It is definitely time to reconnect with Mother Nature!

One step closer to virtual travel

Finally, the Amadeus reservation software has identified in its “Travel Trends” for 2023 another trend which should be confirmed in the coming months: travel at the time of the “metaverse”, described as the “new travel agent”.

Exploring the metaverse will allow travelers to visit a destination before they arrive or relive their memories once they leave — Amadeus

In the years to come, travelers will be led to live virtual cultural experiences, whether concerts or exhibitions. The technology of the metaverse, underlines the study carried out by Amadeus, offers the possibility of “try before you buy”, which stimulates the desire to travel and multiplies the desire to travel the world.

The tourism sector takes a look at the metaverse

And this, several players in the sector have understood: while Seoul plans to launch its platform simply called “Metaverse Seoul” in 2023, the airline Qatar Airways has announced the launch of “Qverse”, with a crew of cabin “MetaHuman”. Travelers will be able to enjoy an immersive experience during their visit and check-in at Hamad International Airport. Finally, the Walt Disney Company has been communicating for several months now about its metaverse desires. At the crossroads of worlds, a theme park ride in the real world could soon integrate a virtual world experience in 3D. To be continued !

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Tourism: what will be the travel trends in 2023?

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