Astro: here are the most romantic signs of the zodiac

Each astrological sign has its own unique personality. The characteristics that compose it make it singular and distinguishable. Some of them tend to let themselves be captured by romantic feelings. Discover them here!

What does it mean for a person to be incurably romantic?

These people, who are called blue flowers, live through the feeling of love. They are in love with very little, and if a love ends or if it is not reciprocated, you will have to prepare better handkerchiefs and shoulder, because they will cry as if it were the end of the world! For them, romantic relationships really bring rain and shine to their lives!

This can be a tricky topic for some to talk about, as love is sometimes a tricky subject. Who hasn’t suffered at some point for love? This feeling, which we all aspire to in one way or another, is the key to our ability to establish social relationships. This is why it is so valued in our societies. What will we do without love?

Astro: What are the astral configurations that encourage romance in a person?

In astrology, several factors can generate an attitude that is excessively focused on romantic feelings. One of them is the position of Venus, the planet of love. If she is in a water sign, you can be sure that it will be a vital question for the person in question. Neptune, too, creates various illusions wherever she finds herself. If these two planets are in exaltation, love will take a big place in the life of the native!

What are the most romantic signs of the zodiac?

Three zodiac signs cannot live without love. They can’t help it. They have a weakness for this intoxicating feeling! Find out if yours is among them here!


This water sign, ruled by the Moon, is the archetype of romance. They are very traditional and often dream with a perfect love story, like a fairy tale. The need to find a stable love that takes care of them and that they can take care of in turn, is the motor of their life. They believe in family values ​​and they are always looking for true love!


This sign, ruled by Venus, the planet of love, bases its existence on the presence of another who completes it. Love is almost like the food they eat or the air they breathe: a vital necessity. This sign has the need to be in a couple, because it feeds on otherness. They have a very romantic idea of ​​love, and when they are in love, they give everything for each other.


This sign, ruled by Neptune, tends to escape in its dreams. Any means of escape reality is good for them. And love, when it occupies them with its fabulous dreams, can lead them to a very high degree of happiness! For them, love is perfect, ideal, magical, unique. Unfortunately, so much idealization of the loved one very often leads him to suffer for love. Ouch!

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Love is a vital issue for some!

In love, a large part of our ego and our self-esteem is at stake. Being rejected or left is a very difficult ordeal if to value ourselves, we depend on the affection of someone else. There are people who give everything for love. The most important thing when establishing romantic relationships is to be sure that they are healthy. Making sure that the happiness in our life is tied to no one but ourselves is very important. To the extent that we are satisfied with who we are, love will be a more enjoyable and easier game to play. And heartbreak will be easier to overcome!

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Astro: here are the most romantic signs of the zodiac

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