Astrology: it is impossible to lie for these 4 signs, according to astrologers

By Jean Ramiere

– Published on 19 Nov 2022 at 08:00

Lying can be risky, especially with four signs that are living lie detectors! Are you part of it?

Lying is almost inevitable throughout life. There are of course different degrees. The person will also be forgiven more easily if their intentions were good. Some, however, make extensive use of it. Taken to the extreme, it looks like a pathology. But more often than not, lying a little is a way to smooth things over, to make a situation a little easier. It remains obvious, however, that honesty, although it can sometimes be difficult, is a much wiser path to follow. Depending on your birth, the influences of your zodiac sign shape part of your character. Your birth chart outlines your personality. Some signs are also very inclined to lie regularly. Others, on the other hand, are real lie detectors, impossible to fool! They know how to detect, very quickly, dishonest approaches.

Lying doesn’t always work!

Lying is not a very effective strategy if you are facing a Gemini native. These indefatigable curious have a leaping spirit that will undermine the secrecy. They like to understand and for that, they know how to ask the right questions. Beware of anyone who has not refined their lie! They are also very attentive to non-verbal communication. Either way, a Gemini will always find the truth if they really want to. All resistance is useless! The sign of Virgo is known for its rigor and organization. This will serve him well in many situations. This sign’s relentless logic helps them analyze their surroundings, including personalities. With such an eye for detail, Virgo can easily point out inconsistencies. Unless you are a master at lying, you will be found out!

Lying to a native of the sign of Scorpio is a bit like trying to teach cooking to a starred chef. This sign is a master in the art of lying and manipulation. Therefore, Scorpio is obviously not fooled when he finds himself faced with an attempt to distort reality. Worse still, you could get caught in your own trap. Scorpio will not hesitate to inflict a painful lesson on you, just to show you that lying is his privileged domain. Finally, Aquarius can count on his emotionality to detect trickery. It is by listening to their sixth sense and following their intuition that the native of this sign will know who is lying to them or not. It is also very difficult to lie to them, because you quickly find yourself in an uncomfortable situation. In order to avoid escalation, it is preferable to lay your cards on the table!

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Astrology: it is impossible to lie for these 4 signs, according to astrologers

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