August 11 full moon: The last ‘supermoon’ of the year will turn everything upside down

On August 11, 2022, in the evening, the full moon will appear in the sky and it will be bigger than usual. Here is all it will mean.

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Typically, the first full moon in August is called the “sturgeon moon.” This nickname comes from the First Nations who harvested a large quantity of sturgeon during the month of August.

Since it falls right in the warm period, the buildup of moisture in the atmosphere often gives it a very dramatic red appearance in the sky.

So here’s how the August 11 supermoon will affect you

It will be a “supermoon”

A supermoon occurs when the moon is at its closest point of orbit to earth. It is therefore visibly larger in the sky than usual.

Supermoons are quite rare: there are three to five a year, but this will be the last before 2023, so it’s time to take some great pictures!

The moon will be in Aquarius

Aquarius is associated with community and helping one another. When the full moon is there, one can feel a boost inspiration or motivation. You might feel the urge to change something in your life, or even your way of thinking.

In the same vein, Aquarius is recognized as a sign that encourages people to step out of their comfort zone. You are likely to be able to find original and unusual solutions to your problems.

The moon will conjunct Saturn in retrograde

The planet Saturn is currently in a retrograde period. Being the authoritative planet of the Zodiac, this full moon will no doubt be tinged with its energy.

The themes of your life that will be brought to light during this supermoon are likely to be quite heavy, even transformative or upsetting. That doesn’t mean it will be negative! It will simply be a sign that the changes that are coming will be necessary for your journey.

The moon will form a square with Uranus

The planet that rules the sign of Aquarius is Uranus. It will form a square, an alignment considered to be confronting, with the August 11 moon. Uranus represents social justice, rebellion and change.

Uranus is in the sometimes stubborn sign of Taurus, which could mean you’ll be forced to compromise in areas of your life you’re not used to. Again, it will be confronting, but necessary, and you can count on the energy of Aquarius to find original solutions.

Some signs will be more affected than others

The fixed signs, namely Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius, will experience this full moon more intensely than the others. For these four signs, a big change could be on the horizon and, whether it is negative or positive, it promises to be destabilizing.

On the contrary, for some signs, this full moon will be in the subconscious houses of their charter, so its effects will be practically imperceptible. This is Cancer, in whom the moon will illuminate the 8e house, of the Virgin (the 6e) and Pisces (the 11e).

Not to be missed in the evening sky on August 11!

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August 11 full moon: The last ‘supermoon’ of the year will turn everything upside down

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