Cusp: can you really be born between two astrological signs?

You do not recognize yourself in the characteristics of your sun sign? You have then surely already come across the term “cusp” on the Internet, in googling your questions.

According to numerous articles written on the subject, this word would suit people who were “born between two signs”that is to say, in the last days of passage of the sun in a sign, around the 20th of each month.

“Anyone whose Sun is 27, 28 or 29 degrees from a sign – basically the last three days – was born on a cusp, that is, towards the end of the zodiac sign and the beginning of the other”, specifies astrologer Linda Joyce for Women’s Health.

Thus, one could present oneself as “a Pisces-Aries cusp” and feel concerned by the character traits of the two inhabitants of the Zodiac, embodying a rare mixture in a new astrological sign, which some even call the “Poissier”. “.

But is it really possible to have an official sign and an unofficial sign? Héléna Dryburgh, psycho-astrologer and author of self-fulfillment with astrology (Ed. Eyrolles), demystifies this widespread idea.

On the impossibility of being “between two” solar signs

“There is a limit with the astrological signs. We ask them ‘who am I?’, but they are not the ones who will give us the answer. Being between two signs means nothing, it’s even impossible and here, the use of the term cusp is wrong. It does not relate to the sun sign”, hammers in Héléna Dryburgh.

Indeed, it would be a false idea, yet commonly spread. A theory that would have developed “mainly because in the 20th century, newspaper and magazine horoscopes became very popular and introduced the ideas of cusps to the general public”, argue the AstroTwins astrologer sisters for StyleCaster.

An idea that would arise from the fact that the Gregorian calendar is out of step with the solar calendar: “The first is defined in 365 days a year, yet the solar calendar is 365 days, 4 hours, 35 minutes and 12 seconds. Given this difference , we can say that the zodiac calendar moves back one day every 6 years. This also influences the astrological signs”, justifies Numerology & Spirituality.

“Cusps are a relatively new myth. Over the past two decades, this buzzword has circulated and gives people who do not identify with the features of their sun, a way out to feel better understood”, argues Tarot reader and astrologer Meghan Rosenear Today.

“The question of the limit between two signs does not arise. It is the position of the Sun, which changes all the time, which defines the sign and nothing else. There is almost never a doubt, unfortunately, we now confuse horoscope and astrology”, regrets our specialist.

What is a true cusp?

Thus, if the term “cusp” does exist in astrology, it in no way designates a person who would have a new sign. “He is associated with astrological houses. We can only speak of a cusp when we have traced the theme of his sky”, enlightens the astrologer.

“The natal chart is a snapshot of what the planets were doing at the time of your birth. It is divided into 12 distinct sections, each represented by one of the 12 astrological houses. These represent a different aspect of your life and each house is ruled by a specific zodiac sign,” completes StyleCaster.

As Héléna Dryburgh teaches us, the cusp is therefore the line which marks a delimitation between the houses, like a border. “The houses of the sectors of achievement in relation to a sign differ, they target personality, resources, communication… And indeed, in our horoscope, we can straddle several houses, on this famous cusp”, completes she.

But then, how to interpret the latter? Already, it is advisable to constitute its horoscope, as Héléna Dryburgh repeats, who recalls that it is very simple to make one, alone, online.

“Knowing where the planets were when you were born will help you understand why you sometimes feel like a Leo, sometimes a Virgo”, explains Refinery 29.

If there is a cusp, then you must also know how to read it – if necessary by calling on the expertise of an astrologer. “You should know that the sun sign gathers our behaviors, while the houses are the types of experience“, she continues.

Like an action zone bringing together two worlds, the cusp therefore creates an association between two signs – and therefore their main qualities. However, “you can be on the cusp of a sign, but that does not mean that you inherit the characteristics of both signs”, supports astrologer Maren Altman for Refinery 29.

Depending on specific situations, certain traits of either sign will stand out. Depending on the age, one of the two can also have the upper hand over the other. But our solar sign remains alone and unique”, illustrates, to conclude, the specialist.

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Cusp: can you really be born between two astrological signs?

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