Astrological compatibility: this dating application helps to find a partner according to his birth chart

28% of French people believe in astrology*. And this “discipline having as its object the study of the correlations between the configuration, the favorable or harmful quality of the geocentric sky during a terrestrial event (…) and the nature, the developments of this event”** invites itself even in romantic relationships. 16% of men and 6% of women who are astro fanatics have already chosen a partner based on their zodiac sign**.

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Cosmic, the free dating app that calculates love compatibility according to birth charts

Good news for those who want check love compatibility with the object of their desire without knowing how to tackle it, a new free dating app now takes care of it. Called Cosmic, it suggests certain encounters between its members according to their astrological affinity, expressed as a percentage.

To do this, the app studies each person’s horoscope, the astrological chart at the time of their birth. Through the placements of the moon, the sun and the ascendants, Cosmic suggests connecting, friendly or lovingly, to certain people in particular.

An app created by astrologer Deborah Houlding and founder of The Astrologer

If the app uses algorithms used by its artificial intelligence, it is indeed a real astrologer, Deborah Houlding and the founder of the website The Astrologer, Abdellatif El Alami, who shaped it, after 3 years of work. Adaptable to all sexual orientations, Cosmic intends “prioritizing quality over quantity” by seeking that its users are “encouraged to establish qualitative links to find the best possible connections”.

Cosmic astro.

Meetings… and a better astrological knowledge of oneself

Cosmic may be a dating app, but it also offers a more personal service to its members: getting to know their own birth chart better. A fun way to deepen your astrological knowledge, while also being able to consult your horoscope online.

This learning of its own horoscope seems to delight those who have tried Cosmic. “I discovered a lot of things about my birth chart thanks to this astrological affinity dating app! », enthuses a tester, on the Play Store. “A real pleasure to discover this universe and to learn more about me”, another delighted.

On the dating side, the recipe also seems to work: a woman claims to have done “what incredible encounters” and another has even “found love with [son] Capricorn”. What to have the head in the stars.

Where to download the Cosmic app?

* According to the Larousse.

** Figures from a YouGov France/ survey carried out among 1,001 people representative of the French national population aged 18 and over, August 2020.

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Astrological compatibility: this dating application helps to find a partner according to his birth chart

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