The Marseillais, The Angels, The Princes of Love: why do we love reality TV so much?

The Marseillais, The Angels, The Princes of Love: why are some people really addicted to this kind of show? We tell you everything!

Reality shows are always popular. The Marseillais, The Angels, The Princes of Love… why do we love them so much? MCE-TV look back on their success.

The success of the Marseillais

The Marseillais band landed on our small screens in 2012. Indeed, it was that year that we discovered for the very first time the life of this group of candidates from mainly from the south-east of France.

The goal of the show is for young people to succeed professionally. The Marseillais will then do many interviews for example to become a model.

They will also participate in challenges that feature them in different professions. They will test the restoration and the server station. Just as it could become DJ or dancer for example.

In addition, the Marseillais have the chance discover new destinations. It is therefore in a heavenly setting that they will try to break through.

As a reminder, the first season of the show was filmed in Miami. Since then, the Marseillais have traveled the whole world. From Cancún to Rio, via Thailand, South Africa or even Australia!

The first season in Miami had moreover attracted more than 650,000 listeners on average. As the seasons passed, viewer interest grew. Indeed, the last seasons count between 700,000 and 900,000 listeners.

Season 9, in the Caribbean stood out with an episode which attracted 1,320,000 viewers! Just that.

Today, the aim of the show, which is therefore to succeed in one’s professional life, has been somewhat lost. Indeed, the mission drowned in a bath of scandals, buzz and clashes. And yet its popularity has not aged a bit!

Scandals and clashes on the program

The program Les Marseillais is carried by a number of candidates who have become emblematic over time. We necessarily think of Jessica Thivenin, Thibault Garcia, Julien Tanti, Paga Neuron, Kevin Guedj and Carla Moreau. To recite nobody else but them.

Today, these same candidates are still on the screen. And the biggest fans have seen them evolve from carefree youngsters to more responsible young parents.

Over the years, we have nevertheless witnessed to big clashes between the candidates. But if some only reflected the bad understanding in the villa, sometimes things could go much further!

In March 2021, for example, Les Marseillais find themselves at the heart of an extraordinary scandal. Indeed, we are talking about witchcraft here! Just that. At the heart of this case, we find Carla Moreau. And it’s Maeva Ghennam who would have been his victim.

A month later, other rumors said that some girls from the villa would have used their charms to be part of the show. In particular Tressia, Nathanya, Océane El Himer or Adixia. The latter denied everything and then accused Jessica Thivenin to be the source of this rumour.

The year 2021 was also marked by an accusation of a non-consensual relationship between Greg Yaya and a young woman. Very quickly, the exes of the young man, Mélanie and Maeva reacted to defend him.

In short… You will have understood it, the program Les Marseillais attracts a lot for its scandals and its clashes on the set. A recipe which seems to appeal to many young people.

Next to the Marseillais, The Angels of reality TV

Just like the Marseillais, the show Les Anges has also found its audience. The principle here is therefore to bring together a group of young candidates. Always very beautiful villas and in mythical regions that make us dream.

Like Les Marseillais, the Angels also have a goal. Here, they will aim to break into their professional circles. And this, thanks to the contacts of their sponsor.

From Los Angeles to Miami, via Hawaii and Florida, the Angels had the chance to put their bags down in very beautiful places. Among the candidates who broke through thanks to the Angelswe find the iconic Nabilla Benattia.

The young woman had participated in the 4th and 5th season of the reality show. She then had the professional goal of becoming a model. Today, she is a young mother of a little boy she is raising in Dubai with her darling Thomas Vergara.

We will always remember his famous “Hello, no but hello what” which will propel her to the front of the stage. The buzz around this replica will thus make Nabilla an essential personality on French TV.

Now, Les Anges has a total of 12 seasons. With a 13th which was entitled Les Vacances des Anges. Moreover, the candidates of the Angels have nothing to envy to the Marseillais. They, too, have their share of problems and scandals.

Sexism, drugs and harassment

In April 2021, the world of reality TV was rocked by new scandals. This time, it’s not the Marseillais whose we’re going to talk, but Les Anges.

Many candidates have in fact confided that they would have suffered harassment from other candidates. But also members of the production of the show!

Among young women, we thus find Angèle Salentino. It is also she who breaks the silence and speaks about it for the first time several months ago.

Moreover, his confidences had a snowball effect. Indeed, after Angèle, the candidates Rawell and Rania also testified. Then Céline Morel and Nathanya Sion also recounted their adventures.

The young women all explain having been victims of misogynistic acts and even speak of certain humiliations. Moreover, they accuse the production of having protected candidates who are violent towards them.

And that’s not all, on the set of Cyril Hanouna, young women also explain than alcohol and drugs were provided by the production! We suspected that the candidates were not necessarily very sober. Moreover, the young women specify that it was cocaine.

Finally, it was revealed that the production was forcing some contestants to pair up. Nathanya says they are often intimidated by production teams. Which reminds them that others dream of having their place and don’t play prudes.

The Princes of Love

In January 2014, the W9 channel offered its viewers a new reality TV show. Unlike the angels and the Marseillais, the candidates here are on a mission to find love.

A bit like Love is in the meadow, but in a more glamorous and bling-bling version. Candidates also have the chance to discover beautiful destinations. Barcelona, ​​Ibiza or even Saint-Tropez. That is to say that love, it’s easier to find in the sun!

The principle of the show is simple. We will follow a number of seducers in their quest for love. These are then presented to young women, called pretenders.

Each candidate will therefore spend time with each young woman of their choice. In the end, he must make a decision and choose one. Because, not surprisingly, he cannot not go home with all the pretty women.

Since season 5, princesses have also been integrated into the show. Among them we find, for example, Alix Desmoineaux, Milla Jasmine, Hilona Gos or Kellyn Sun.

On the boy side, we also remembers young Illan. The latter marked the spirits by his lack of fidelity. Which he assumes completely.

Indeed, the young man, who nicknamed himself Le Charo, would have cheated on all his girlfriends. ” In my life, I have deceived everyone… Everyone! Without exception ! I cheated on all the chicks. » he confessed on Instagram. But to believe it, since his relationship with Isabeau, the young reality TV candidate has calmed down.

Substances and hearing loss

In addition to his star show, Les Marseillais, the channel W9 therefore also offers viewers many other programs of the same genre. Particularly, The princes of love.

Only here, do not let yourself be lulled by its title, the reality show also has its share of scandals. It also seems difficult for Cupid to do his job when he finds himself in an atmosphere where substances turn heads more than love.

A former love coach of the show also confided that some candidates were really addicted. Indeed, it would not be a question of simple whims but real dependencies.

A suitor of the adventure indeed admits that there would be certain substances, in particular cannabis on the set. He specifies all the same that there were no hard drugs.

He also admits that the prod would know. And she just closed her eyes. Although the suitcases were searched on arrival, some would have found the way to hide their drugs!

In addition, there is the scandal of sexual assault on a minor. It is Illan who finds himself at the heart of this controversy.

He spoke on the set of TPMP. He has firmly denied these accusations. Rumors said the channel was going to cut the youngster the man behind the show.

Ultimately, that was not the case. But the rerun of the show did not have good scores. W9 has also decided to stop broadcasting and to wait for the new season.

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The Marseillais, The Angels, The Princes of Love: why do we love reality TV so much?

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