Love is in the pre 2022: the cult moments of the couple Jean and Laurence

“My first story lasted 10 years, the second 20. With the third, I hope to go all the way”. It is with these few lines that Jean presented himself for season 17 of Love is in the meadow, broadcast every Monday evening on M6. For this sixty-year-old Auvergnat, it all started during meetings with his suitors in Paris under the eyes of Karine Le Marchandnever far to give his opinion (between 2-3 saucy jokes and a few giggles).

At the end of the speed dating, Jean the farmer has invited two candidates to his farm in Auvergne, Charentaise Laurence and Nathalie from Grenoble. Between the brunette and the blonde, all shots are allowed to win the heart of the breeder of suckler cows, who does not hide his preference for the former. Which already gives right to a cult moment: going out to the supermarket.

Under the eyes of their suitor, Laurence and Nathalie try to impose their food tastes and disagree on the choice of races. Here are the first tensions within this threesome. “I try to assert my choices because it’s a girl who commands”, remarks Laurence facing the camera. As for her rival Nathalie, she does not hide her annoyance. “With Jean, I found her really pleasant. […] I already feel like I’m with a couple.”

Under her fake Annie Cordy airs, the fifty-year-old candidate does not think so well. Later, viewers followed their adventures during a karaoke with Jean’s friends. If his heart seems to waver between the two women, Jean made his choice during the guinguette giving a fiery kiss to his favorite Laurence, under the eyes of Nathalie.

The Kiss of Discord

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Moment of emotion for some, discomfort and boorishness for others, the scene was very divided with the public. Regardless of the opinions, the lovebirds are on their cloud. But, poor Nathalie is not jubilant on her side. And, to drop a pearl of the French language. “She, she jibulates”, she fumes, her vape in her hand.

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When they return, the blonde does not take off after this slow between the two protagonists. “You hurt me, I was very disappointed with your behavior,” said Nathalie. A declaration which did not cut off Jean’s appetite, impatient to sit down to eat. After Nathalie left the next day, Jean and Laurence took advantage of their first moments together (or almost) under the eyes of the cameras.

Remake of the jacuzzi in Love is in the meadow

Like this rapprochement in the hot tub (without fall) which did not escape the eyes of the fans of Love is in the meadow. Hot tub, relaxation and relaxation, Jean and Laurence were on the verge of redoing us the cult scene of Loft Story. “With Jean, we got closer. He was tactile. We are accomplices. The current is going well, we can’t stop laughing”, rejoices the candidate to the angels.

For the Auvergnat, there are no more doubts. “Laurence, it’s the right one, it’s the one I was looking for”. A romance that continues wonderfully between them, as evidenced by the latest episodes broadcast on M6.

Jean and Laurence spent their first night together

In the latest issue this October 24, Jean and Laurence took their relationship to the next level by spending their first night together. A moment that did not escape the cameras as soon as the two lovers woke up. “The first night with Laurence is the start of fireworks, as I imagined,” smiled the farmer, adding. “It’s especially when you wake up that it’s pleasant (…) you quickly get a taste for it”. And, some Internet users have not failed to comment with humor on social networks.

Subsequently, Jean and Laurence left with a festival of kisses. To better meet in Angoulême, a few days later, at the candidate’s. The opportunity for the couple to meet around a dinner before leaving soon for a romantic stay in Rome. Will the complicity still be there? Are they still together or apart? Answer at the beginning of November at the time of the assessment with Karine Le Marchand on M6.

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Love is in the pre 2022: the cult moments of the couple Jean and Laurence

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