Dream of being pregnant: what is the meaning?

The expert: Tristan Moir, oneirologist and psychoanalyst

Dreaming of getting pregnant or that someone around you is pregnant is surprising. It is important to remember as many elements of the dream as possible in order to be able to interpret it at best.

Dream interpretation: what is the meaning of a pregnant woman?

Dreams of pregnancy are always very important in the analysis of dreams. This type of dream generally corresponds to the gestation of a project (professional, artistic, personal…) or to an interior change, a transformation, a new beginning. In the last hypothesis, they can also possibly evoke a future pregnancy. But Tristan Moir, dream language specialist, oneirologist, psychoanalyst and author of “Getting to know yourself better through your dreams”, published by Marie-Claire, calls for caution: “Dreams are never to be taken at face value. They are metaphors. Dreaming of being pregnant rather means that the person is going to give birth to something. To obtain a finer analysis of the dream and know what it is about, the context is essential.

To see yourself pregnant in a dream: analyze the context

The environment and the scenario of the dream make it possible to better interpret it. We remember the stage of the pregnancy: were these the first signs? Was it the announcement of the pregnancy? Is the pregnancy in its third trimester? This indication reflects the progress of the real project.
What are the dominant emotions? Are they positive or negative emotions? Are we in a desire for motherhood, a state of fullness, joy, worry, discomfort, astonishment? “ It happens that menopausal women have dreams where they are pregnant, hence their astonishment. But there again, this dream testifies more to a transformation of the person, a change, a new project »explains Tristan Moir.

We are also interested in the people present at our side in this dream. It shows who are the people who accompany us, who care about us, about our history.
If there is a friendit always represents a positive aspect of oneself.
If there is a midwifeit means that we gain access to more wisdom.
If there are many doctors, this can testify to anxiety, to a need to be reassured by one’s environment. This is often a need for psychological support. Maieutics is indeed the art of giving birth to oneself.
If the spouse is present in the dream, it means that this relationship gives rise to or develops in the woman her male part. “The psyche is made up of a male part, the animus, synonymous with action, shaping, logic, and a female part, more rooted in language, feelings, creativity. We need both components”analyzes the onirologist.

Dream about being pregnant by your ex

If one dreams that the father of the future baby is his ex, or that one is in a couple relationship and that his current companion is not the father, don’t see it as cheating. It is the sign that a masculine element has fertilized the woman in a domain, brought her knowledge. She was sensitive to an approach that does not come from her spouse and she fed on it.

Why do I dream of getting pregnant, having a baby or a child?

The dream of pregnancy can also lead to visualize during the ultrasound or after childbirth the future baby or child. To dream that you are giving birth to a child is a positive point, since it shows that the project or the transformation in progress is coming to an end and being realized.
If the dream scenario reveal the gender of the baby, this further clarifies its interpretation. If the dreamer gives birth to a boy, her masculine part (action, logic, etc.) manifests, whereas she was perhaps blocked until then. If she dreams that her baby is a girl, it is a new version of herself that she develops, more in line with her feminine part, her emotions, her oral fluency…
It should be noted that even men can dream that they carry life. In this case, it is their feminine side (creativity, language, etc.) that is developing. The interpretation symbols and meanings remain the same. Moreover, dreams are always in synchronicity with what we live.

Dreaming of a pathological pregnancy or miscarriage

In her dream scenario, the dreamer can also visualize a malformation, a handicap during her imaginary pregnancy. We then understand that his project is not well formed in his mind. If it’s a material project, she may wonder what’s wrong, if something can be put in place to remedy the weaknesses identified. If the disability of the future baby is characterized by something oversized, a hydrocephalic baby for example, therefore with an enormous head, it is the mental load that is imposing for the dreamer. She will feel better if she gets rid of some worries, delegates and connects with the energy of her body”, advises the specialist. You can then opt for rest, time for yourself, meditation, etc.
If the dreamed pregnancy goes badly and results in a miscarriage, it is because her idea for a project is aborted and nothing can be changed.

Dream of being pregnant with twins, what does it mean?

According to Tristan Moir, this type of dream means that the two aspects of the dreamer’s personality, her part of feminine and masculine, are balanced. So it’s more of a positive thing. However, if the context of the dream is distressing, it can express a personality that dissociates, a feeling of splitting.

To dream that a friend, that someone is pregnant

“All the people in a dream are an aspect of us. The meaning is therefore the same as if it is the dreamer who is pregnant. With the difference that it isa part of her that is giving birth to a projectthere is a small distance from this one »underlines Tristan Moir.

Premonitory dream: what dream announces a pregnancy?

Dreaming of a pregnant person can announce an imminent pregnancy for yourself or someone around you. Dreams are in synchronicity with what we live. And according to the experience of the onirologist, the strongest emotionally charged dreams are related to death and birth. It is therefore possible that a loved one or yourself will soon be pregnant. This dream, if it is joyful, can also be an outlet for the desire for pregnancy. The mind could hide this desire for a baby and the dream comes to reveal it.

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Dream of being pregnant: what is the meaning?

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