Soprano at the Vélodrome: stars in their eyes

This Saturday, June 18, Soprano played at home for its first date at the Orange Vélodrome in Marseille as part of its stadium tour, the Star Hunter tour. We were there and we tell you.

After several months spent in space building her latest Star Hunter album, Soprano has finally launched her stadium tour: the Star Hunter tour. Following its first two successful landings in Lausanne and Lyon, the artist had an appointment with his audience at homeinside the legendary Stade Vélodrome in Marseille.

With these two consecutive dates on June 18 and 19, it is already the fifth time in his career that the artist has taken over the lair of Olympique de Marseille for a solo concert. A feat that few other artists in the world can boast of having achieved. However, even if the rapper is aware of his luck and the pressure that this implies, we were there and we saw in his eyes a gleam identical to that which he had during his first scenes. Like what, we can very well have our heads in the stars and keep our feet on the ground.

H-2 before landing…

Sopra is still far from landing that it is already on fire in front of the stands for the opening of the doors. Despite the scorching heat present on the Marseille city this Saturday, June 18, the public is at the party and came en masse from all over France to attend the show of the child of Plan d’Aou. In total, more than 60,000 people responded to the call for this first date on Saturday. Young people, less young people, parents with their children of course, but also early fans who, despite the rapper’s artistic turn in recent years, remain faithful to the position.. It is 7 p.m., the pit and the stands are gradually filling up while the olas and the “to arms” are already resounding throughout the stadium.

The public is boiling hot when an hour later, the group Berywam comes on stage to provide the first part of the evening. Sopra could not have dreamed of better than the world champions of beatbox to prepare the ground for it with dignity. But while waiting for the arrival of the chief star hunter, let’s talk about the scene a bit, because the set up set up for the occasion is simply grandiose.

Imagine the trick: a huge raised central stage, around which stand four peripheral stages. Platforms that extend into every corner of the stadium and along its entire length. With such a device, we immediately understand Soprano’s desire to offer an XXL show. An immersive experience during which he promises to be as close as possible to his audience. Add to that the eight cubic screens erected on the pylons in all the corners of the stage and you will have the impression of being in a real spaceship.

Tonight, Sopra set us on fire

It’s just past 9 p.m. and the time for talk is over. The public already well energized enjaille to the sound of Organized Gang, when suddenly… The music stops and the bass starts to rumble. Everyone then expects to see Soprano arrive, but in the end, it is Anne-Claire Coudray, the journalist and presenter of the JT of TF1 who appears on the screen. Under cover of a well-rehearsed report, she announces the imminent arrival of the Frégate, the spaceship of the Marseille rapper and his crew. The public held their breath and after a few adventures worthy of the greatest space exploration films, Soprano descended from the sky, not in T-Max like Jul two weeks earlier, but in astronaut gear. A stratospheric debut to the tune of his single glorifying space and the 80s, near the stars.

The public at the Vélodrome greets the arrival of their hero and the show can finally begin. Galvanized by the crowd, Soprano, his backers, his brothers Zak and Diégo and his dancers get off to a flying start with some of his greatest popular hits: Crazy, On fire and Cosmo, To life to love or The devil doesn’t wear Prada anymore. Colorful confetti is thrown everywhere in the audience, pyrotechnic effects are legion and the scenography is in full swing. During this time, it’s madness in the pit and the stands: everyone jumps, shouts and sings to lose their voice. The show has only just begun, but promises to be worthy of the music of its author: festive, benevolent, joyful and unifying..

Eager to make an impression at home, the member of Psy 4 de la Rime is not content to put his voice perfectly. Accompanied by his dancers and faithful stage acolytes, he moves, gives his all and takes pleasure in talking, exchanging and playing with his audience. True to himself, he multiplies sincere interactions. “I want you to leave with a big smile and stars in your eyes”, he said to his fans with emotion in his voice. Anyway, it’s a good start.

But it’s not because we celebrate that we must forget the left behind. At a time when our life is gradually resuming its normal course after these more than two years of COVID, Sopra rightly reminds us through its titles everyday heroes qBehind our everyday carelessness, some people have suffered and continue to suffer in silence. A message necessarily well received insofar as the artist had the heart to invite hospitalized children, schools and associations of Marseille to his concert.

After an avalanche of good vibes, the favorite rapper of the French went up a notch in melancholy with an exceptional interpretation of his 2010 title, Hiro. If the power of the text was enough to give us chills, Soprano drove the point home with a poignant vocal performance beyond all expectations. He raps with his guts and leaves his audience speechless. It’s intense and for the first time of the evening, the public no longer shouts. He just applauds and so do we.

This immense burst of emotions passed, the hearts go back to the party very quickly: New Kid on The Block, Ninja, Fresh Prince, La boum, Ma Life, Chérie Coco Magic System… The hits of yesterday and today follow one another once again. All under the rain of sparkling stars made possible by the lights of the telephones of the 60,000 people present in the enclosure of the stadium.

This first date of the star hunter tour at the Vélodrome continues with a scenography that is still just as magical and magnificent. Microphone in hand, Soprano engages in a veritable emotional rollercoaster by linking solo tracks. Of Coeurdonnierat Clown Passing by My precious his anti-social media ode, he also doesn’t forget to celebrate his African origins with his title Root. A Comorian pride that he shares with his cousins Vincenzo and Alonzo came to do the show on stage with him like in the heyday… Or almost.

Prestigious guests, but…

This is the downside of the evening: if the Psy 4 of La Rime were all present on stage at the Vélodrome, no piece of the group was played that evening. We have to face the facts: 20 years after their debut in rap together, even if the authors of Block Party will never forget their past glory, since the tragic disappearance of their DJ and producer Sya Styles (honored on the track Rolled), they definitely look forward-looking. No doubt that is why the Capo Dei Capi preferred to play his latest hit solo traffickerto the delight of the public.

Nevertheless, to counterbalance the absence of a live Psykatra reunion, Sopra has pulled out all the stops for its guest list. Among those he named members of the “ melancholics anonymous club “, we find Clément Albertini, his protege and finalist of season 8 The Voice, Marina Kaye, whose deep voice sublimated the interpretation of their duet My Everest, but also his brother Kenji Girac. When he arrived on stage, to say that the stadium was in turmoil would be an understatement. To tell the truth, the public shouted their joy so loudly when he appeared, that we could hear him for sure as far as the Old Port and all along the Canebière. Also note the advantage of the public present for the Sunday date since in addition to all these beautiful people… they were entitled to the presence of Naps and SCH !

For some historical fans of the rapper, if these guests have the effect of a painful reminder that their idol of youth has put rap in the background to turn more towards French variety, Soprano does not forget them for all that.

“Old-fashioned” parenthesis

Indeed, for the greatest pleasure of old, the rapper did not fail to interpret in their entirety some titles of his debutthose who propelled him to the forefront of the solo rap scene in the mid-2000s. Close your eyes and imagine yourself, Has a well or Halla Hallathe first single from his first solo album Since you have to live. The choice to perform this piece here was obviously not insignificant since we remember that at the time, the eponymous clip had been shot in the premises and on the lawn of the Vélodrome, alongside the late president of the OM Pape Diouf.

And since he returned to the heart of the temple of Olympique de Marseille, Sopra obviously did not hesitate to resonate the famous ” To Arms! », this song so dear to OM supporters throughout the stadium. A strong moment amplified by his cover of another well-known song from the Marseille city, ” Tonight we set you on fire “. This same one taken up by IAM in 1993 at the opening of the album Shadow and lightreleased the same year as the crowning of the Marseille club in the Champions League.

A grand ending

The show is slowly coming to an end, but Soprano, as a good magician, still has a few big tricks up his sleeve.. A few songs later, he invites the entire Vélodrome stadium to put on his sportswear for a little crossfit session. In the general euphoria, the artist alongside all his dancers, challenges the pit and the stands to perform together the viral choreography of Bob Jackson aka “ The Coach “. The atmosphere is so good in the stadium and the movements are so simple that even the most complexed play the game. Everyone is having fun and right after, the master of ceremonies announces that he will play the last piece of the evening : In fire. The opportunity for the public to explode one last time before the artist leaves the stage to return to space.

To thunderous applause and a standing ovation from a thrilled and thrilled audience, Soprano took advantage of this moment of osmosis to thank his entire team for making his show possible. Of course, he also does not forget to give thanks to his city and to express all his love for the loyal supporters present this evening. Thank you to those who understand my texts and my positivity. Tonight, you gave me crazy energy! I love you “ he said solemnly to his fans and not without some emotion.

Finally, after more than two hours of show, the artist puts on his space suit again and is ready to set out again to explore the universe. With a festive heart and stars in their eyes, the public witnessed the take-off of the so-called Saïd M’Roumbaba and his ship Le Frégate, heading for new extraterrestrial adventures. At this precise moment, we think it’s over, but like any good movie worth its salt, Soprano’s show ends with a post-credits scene: a message from French astronaut Thomas Pesquet inviting him to take part in his next trip to space. If all this is only fiction, we wish that Soprano could one day really touch the stars…

While waiting for this dream to come true, Soprano’s 2022 tour will continue on June 25 at the Matmut Atlantique stadium in Bordeaux and on July 2 in Paris, at the Stade de France, before new dates are announced throughout France. Until then, you can always prolong the pleasure and immerse yourself in the documentary series devoted to his journey: SOPRANO: TO LIFE, TO DEATHavailable on Disney+.

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Soprano at the Vélodrome: stars in their eyes

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