Aurélie Preston (Les Anges) wanted to end her life, the firefighters intervened

Aurélie Preston is a reality TV candidate revealed in The people of Marseilles in Thailand in 2015. The young woman who presented herself as a choreographer, photo model and singer was recognized at the time as a performer during dance shows in clubs in the south of France. In this first TV experience, she will know a music rivalry with Kim Glow. Also, she will be in a relationship with Julien Tanti and will face some big clashes with Jessica Thivenin. But it will be especially in Angels 8the following year, that it will stand out.

During this third television adventure, Aurélie will suffer harassment from her comrades. A traumatic experience that apparently left him with serious consequences…

“I have decided to join peace”

After a final adventure in The Villa of Broken Hearts 3, where she will try to solve her problem “I am traumatized by men”, Aurélie Preston wanted to devote herself solely to song. The young woman has been away from the community for several years. Always active on social networks, she appeared more and more natural and radiant.

Alas, on the night of October 2-3, the singer sank. Tired of the world she lives in, she posted a very alarming long message: Today I decided to quit. I saw what I had to see, I vibrated, I traveled, I helped, I knew how to listen, to be generous, I gave everything. I realized that the human being had become evil.” After thanking his friends and family, she claims to have been “stolen, betrayed, destabilized, broken and even annihilated” throughout his life.

She qualifies as “a body without a soul, wandering”.

“I can’t go on anymore, because I’m exhausted, disappointed, disgusted, paralyzed, horrified by the world in which we live. (…) Unfortunately, I can’t live on the moon or another planet, so I decided to join the peace.

(…) If you really knew and loved me, you’ll understand that it’s better that way than suffering every day.” And as if the message wasn’t clear enough, she wrote this in the description of this Instagram post: “If what they say is true, I will see you from up there. RIP tonight for Preston as well as Aurélie. Don’t judge my choice, the pain is personal. You can’t imagine where I come from”

Aurélie Preston currently in hospital care

Very worried for the young woman, her fans and her reality TV colleagues were greatly alarmed.

Everything indicates that Aurélie Preston tried to end her life that night… Jérémstar and Anissa tried everything to contact her. For their part, Jazz and Milla Jasmine immediately sent him a message of support.

After this farewell message (now deleted from her networks) which suggested that Aurélie had dark thoughts, the bloggers, on the alert, managed to get some reassuring news. WassimTV said that‘Aurélie had been taken care of by the firefighters who were heading to the emergency room. The ex-reality TV candidate would now be taken care of at the hospital where she would be coming to her senses. According to Vaarruecos, she would be in contact with her ex-manager and her grandmother who would do their best to reassure her. A chance that she is well surrounded. We wish him to recover the slope.



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Aurélie Preston (Les Anges) wanted to end her life, the firefighters intervened

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