How to handle an argument with each zodiac sign?

Each astrological sign his way of reacting in difficult situations. Some show tact and patience when they disagree, while others, on the contrary, rush off as soon as an argument comes up.

How to manage the anger of these astro signs?

If you want to avoid an argument escalating with these star signs, here are some tips on how to deal with them.

  • Keep calm with Aries

The sign of Aries is known for its memorable headbutts and tantrums. This fire sign is… all fired up. His words can quickly overtake his thoughts but luckily his anger subsides as quickly as it rose. A word of advice: just wait for the storm to pass and keep calm to explain your point of view. He’ll appreciate it and have no trouble apologizing once he’s calmed down.

  • Do not push Taurus to their limits

Beneath his apparent calm, Taurus hides a fiery temper when you go too far with him. This astrological sign can go into a black anger that nothing can stop, much longer than that of Aries. Very stubborn, the sign of Taurus will never take the first step to try to fix things and it will be almost impossible for him to forgive. The best way not to come to such extremes? Don’t push Taurus to their limits.

  • Don’t be moved by Cancer

Cancer is a sensitive sign that has a hard time hiding their emotions. When he lets himself be overwhelmed, he finds it very difficult to take a step back from situations. Results ? He will tend to make the other feel guilty and show bad faith. Do not hesitate to tell him clearly what you blame him for: if he understands that his behavior has hurt you, he will stop being held up and will be more open to discussion and communication.

  • Spot the lies of Gemini

The sign of Gemini hates conflict. He finds it a waste of time and has a hard time taking them seriously. To get out of a delicate situation, he will not hesitate to talk things over to prevent an argument from getting too big. Don’t be fooled: find out the true from the false and demand a frank and open discussion. Gemini is a great communicator, once convinced of the interest of opening his heart, he will be able to make you easily understand his point of view and will also understand yours.

  • Don’t touch the lion’s pride

Behind this mountain of apparent self-confidence is actually hiding susceptibility. If you touch the ego of the sign of Leo, you can be sure that an argument is likely to break out. Make sure your words don’t overtake your thoughts because Leo can be stabbed very quickly. Know that this sign is not resentful, he will accept sincere apologies without difficulty.

  • Avoid lies with Virgo

This zodiac sign is a real lie radar. Virgo is very observant and has an eye for detail. Be honest with her whether it’s to make up for it or to tell her what you blame her for. Take gloves too, because behind his apparent coldness hides a fragile little heart. Generous, Virgo won’t want to stay cold for too long.

The confrontation and forgiveness of the astro signs

Here’s how these astrological signs react in case of an argument.

  • Do not raise your voice with Libra

If there’s one sign that hates arguments, it’s Libra. She will make sure to avoid confrontation as much as possible and water down her wine. Don’t take advantage of the situation to take the upper hand and yell at her… all you’ll gain is to hold her up and silence her. Instead, take advantage of the fact that Libra is an excellent communicator.

  • Don’t Betray Scorpio

Scorpio is THE sign to avoid getting angry. When he is injured, he knows how to be mean and sting where it hurts. Revenge is not an option: out of the question to be trampled on. He is ready to do anything to return blow for blow! Suffice to say that we must avoid playing the smartest with him: he will appreciate the frankness.

  • Communicate with Capricorn

Modest and often withdrawn, Capricorn is not the type to flaunt his feelings. Sometimes you have to pull the worms out of him, but it’s worth it. To overcome a conflict, it is important to say what is on your heart and what you feel. Leave the space necessary for Capricorn to express themselves in order to be able to put things straight and start afresh on a good basis.

  • Don’t be unfair to Sagittarius

If there’s one thing the sign of Sagittarius can’t stand, it’s injustice. If he finds you in bad faith or that you are behaving unfairly with him, he will turn on you. Try to remain as objective as possible and express your point of view clearly.

  • Maintain the connection with Aquarius

It’s hard to get more independent than Aquarius. This free spirit is not the type to be held back by arguments or problems. He will decide to turn the page very quickly after heated exchanges. We know, it’s unfair: but it’s going to be up to you to make sure to maintain the link and not to cut ties if you care about this Aquarius. Don’t worry: deep down, this sign brings a lot of importance to friendship.

  • Take matters into your own hands with Pisces

The sign of Pisces is known for its great indecision. In the event of an argument with you, he will tend to mope and feel sorry for himself but will not be able to take matters into his own hands to move forward. It is up to you to clearly explain the situation and to give him ultimatums to overcome your conflicts.

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How to handle an argument with each zodiac sign?

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