NBA – Huge lie around Russell Westbrook and Patrick Beverley?!

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Since they are teammates at the Lakers, Patrick Beverley and Russell Westbrook suggest that they would have buried their long beef of several years. But some strongly doubt it, including among the elders of the Purples and Golds. An ex-champion notably degummed their speech recently.

We could be scared about the duo Russell Westbrook-Patrick Beverley now that they play together at the Lakers, but according to the two men, the fears are unfounded. Long in conflict, they would now have become good friends, a fact that the former Timberwolves hammered on Media Day. The Brodie did not come to contradict him after training, explaining that he had moved on with the pit bull:

We have the same state of mind when we are on the pitch, that’s how we developed a connection. There hasn’t really been a reconciliation process. I’m someone easily approachable, I don’t hold a grudge against anyone. Life is too short, man. We were blessed with our qualities on the pitch, we can’t spoil it with grudges.

Robert Horry: “Their friendship is bullshit”

On paper, Purples and Golds fans can therefore take a big breather, there shouldn’t be too much drama around the two leaders in 2022-23. Unless… because on the side of the observers, many are those who have remained skeptical of the statements of RW and PatBev. Former of the Californian house, Robert Horry notably expressed his big doubts on the subject recently, on his podcast. for him, all that would be just wind:

Patrick Beverley made him lose half of the season by injuring his knee (during the 2014 playoffs, editor’s note). He caused a lot of damage in his life. What can he do to avoid creating tension? Did he do this to soften the line? Because for me, they never had love and all this brotherhood comes from the fact that they would be the best friends in the world. I call it bullshit.

When you think about it, Westbrook and Beverley actually had an interest in suggesting that they buried their beef. After a very complicated campaign, LA needs to bounce back quickly and problems within the dressing room are not completely unwelcome. this is all the more the case for the 2017 MVP, strongly singled out for his first year in the City of Angels. However, we will quickly know what is really going on, as soon as the regular season starts.

Robert Horry says it cash, he does not believe for a second that Russell Westbrook and Patrick Beverley have actually reconciled. When we know the liabilities between the two men, the reasoning of the sevenfold champion stands.

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NBA – Huge lie around Russell Westbrook and Patrick Beverley?!

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