“Reviving a Dire Straits concert in the 80s-90s”

The Marseilles: You joined Dire Straits for the tour of the album “Brothers in arms”. What memories do you have of that time? ?

Chris White: During this tour in 1985-86, I played for the first time with Dire Straits. I had previously worked with Mark Knopfler [guitariste et fondateur du groupe, Ndlr] on different projects. I have so many good memories of that time: especially the concerts of the LiveAid in 1985. We played at Wembley Stadium in the afternoon, before going to Wembley Arena [salle de concert située face au stade] where we also played that evening. It was also my 30e anniversary. There are plenty of other crazy stories, maybe I’ll tell them one of these four…

One of the most famous songs from this album is “Your latest trick”, recognizable by its saxophone melody. What is the story of this tube?

CW: I still like to play Your latest trick. It’s one of the songs that the public always watches and expects to hear. If the songs obviously have different meanings according to the listeners, it must be underlined that one of the great talents of Mark Knopfler is that of being a superb storyteller. The song is about human weakness, disappointment and the disappointments that ensue. His saxophone melody is recognizable among a thousand. I can’t remember exactly for which concert, but once the crowd was singing the saxophone line so loudly that I couldn’t even hear my instrument. So I quit and let the public sin for me.

To justify the separation of Dire Straits in the mid-1990s, Mark Knopfler repeated in some interviews: “the group had become too big”. What does that mean ?

CW: That’s a question you should ask Mark instead. I know that during the On every street Tourhe was already interested in other musical styles, as can be heard on his first solo album golden heart. The day I learned that the band was breaking up, I wasn’t really surprised. I had worked with Mark on some of his solo projects: it was clear he was going in another direction.

With The Dire Straits Experience, what message are you sending to fans of the original band?

CW: The Dire Straits Experience is really a celebration of Dire Straits music. What we’re trying to do is bring to life the experience of what a Dire Straits concert would have been like in the 1980s and 90s.

Do you sometimes feel nostalgic for that time?

CW: Not at all. I love the life I lead today.

Is the idea of ​​The Dire Straits Experience also to transmit the repertoire to new generations?

CW: Well you see, what is amazing is that we already see a lot of young people coming to our concerts all over Europe. So I think future generations are already on the bridge. In addition, we are fortunate to have with The Dire Straits Experience experienced musicians who have already played and recorded with many great artists.

Finally, a small political question. At a time when England is experiencing massive strikes by strangled workers, and a week after the Queen’s funeral, which side do you feel closest to?

CW: It’s a sad moment for all of us here in the UK. The Queen has dedicated her life to serving all people in the United Kingdom. So I don’t see them as two different camps.

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“Reviving a Dire Straits concert in the 80s-90s”

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