How to end insomnia?

How to deal with sleep disorders?

Sleep is important for health. It allows the body to rest and the cells to renew themselves. A drop in daily performance and concentration, an uncontrolled bad mood and a feeling of general fatigue… These are some of the symptoms of a lack of sleep.

To sleep better, people tend to turn first to sleeping pills, but their consumption is harmful to health in the long term. Insomnia affects nearly 20% of the population and it takes various forms. Sleep disorders, more specifically dyssomnias, are generally due to hygiene and bad habits factors. For the parasomnias, they have external origins, psychological or psychiatric disorders, or genetic factors.

In order to fight against insomnia problems and sleep disorders, the first step recommended by specialists is to increase your physical activity to feel good fatigue. You can also set up some lifestyle rules:

  • Turn off your screens at least 1 hour before going to bed
  • Expose yourself to light at the start of the day to regulate your internal clock
  • Prefer a light meal in the evening to facilitate digestion
  • Leave at least 3 hours between dinner and bedtime
  • Avoid stimulating products, such as coffee, after 2 p.m.
  • Set up the same wake-up and bedtime times
  • Pay attention to signs of falling asleep

Doctors can recommend natural or non-drug treatments, such as lemon balm herbal teas, homeopathy and remedies based onhawthorn and of passion flower. These plants act against anxiety and can help to find sleep more easily. Melatonin is also found in foods such as bananas, cherries, ginger, barley and oatmeal. Yoga and relaxation exercises are also an interesting technique for regaining restful sleep.

Various brands offer more technological alternatives. In particular, you will find bulbs that recreate the natural light of sleep, guaranteeing a gentle awakening, or mobile applications that track your sleep cycles. The purpose of the technology is to set up a bedtime ritual by creating an atmosphere conducive to falling asleep.

It should be noted that noise, stray light and excessively high temperatures can disturb the quality of sleep. Here are our top solutions to help you fall asleep quickly and enjoy a good, restful night.

Our choice: meditation and sophrology box

Easily find a deep and restorative sleep thanks to this Morphee meditation and sophrology box which convinced our team. Completely disconnected, without waves or screen, this device signed Morphée was designed by professionals in meditation and relaxation. This sleeping companion is intended for adults. It contains 210 meditation audio sessions divided into 8 themes, each comprising 8 sessions. You have the choice between an 8 minute or 20 minute session. Apart from the evening sessions, this Morpheus meditation box offers a nap program if you want to take a moment during the day to recharge your batteries. You can use the built-in speaker and enjoy the session together, or plug in your headphones. Under the wooden shell of Morpheus is a battery with an autonomy of 1 week.

Light-up metronome to help you fall asleep naturally

If you’re having trouble falling asleep, you can focus on your breathing and clear your mind. For this, this small Dodow case selected by us can be of great help to you. It is a good alternative to pranic breathing or cardiac coherence. The idea is to adjust your breathing to the light pulse emitted by this small box. So your heart rate slows down and you feel relaxed. It is possible to choose between 3 levels of light intensity and to select an 8 or 20 minute session, then the device switches itself off.

White noise machine with 29 sounds, rechargeable and portable

To find sleep easily and enjoy restful nights, why not fall for this white noise machine RENPHO ? She is one of our team’s favorites for many reasons. It is also suitable for both adults and babies. This white noise device also stands out for its nomadic use. Thanks to its compact size and long battery life, this sleeping companion will be able to accompany you, even when you are on the go. You can choose from 7 white noises, 7 fan sounds and 15 nature sounds to help you fall asleep quickly. It is also possible to adjust the level of brightness and the color of the light. In addition, this RENPHO white noise device offers an intelligent memory and timer function.

Luminous sleep aid device

If you have difficulty falling asleep, we suggest you invest in this Beurer 10 DreamLight device. It has been specially designed to make it easier to fall asleep. The SL 10 DreamLight emits a circle of colored, pulsating light on the ceiling that supports your breathing, distracts your thoughts and reduces your brain activity. You have the choice between 2 breathing techniques and a blue or red light. Depending on the program of your choice (8 or 20 minutes), the device switches off automatically at the end of the session.

Biological clock regulator tablets

In addition to technological devices, there are also treatments for fighting insomnia, including these ACTInutrition ultra-melatonin tablets. We chose this formula because of the synergy between the 5 vitamins, 2 minerals and coenzymes Q10 that it contains. These 100% vegan capsules contain vitamin B6 which improves the functioning of the nervous system. They promote the production of melatonin, thus reducing the time it takes to fall asleep and reducing the effects of jet lag.

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How to end insomnia?

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