Anthony Davis hasn’t shot for 2 months: a welcome break after a difficult season

At the Lakers, it’s definitely the holidays. Anthony Davis – in an Instagram video – said he had not touched a basketball since April 5. Basically, two months of total shutdown from basketball. After a season that turned into a fiasco for Los Angeles, it was perhaps necessary to leave the orange ball in the closet for a while.

There are two ways to read this information. The first is to say that Anthony Davis has not had an easy season. Far from being spared from injuries, the interior of the Purple & Gold has played only 40 games out of 82 in the regular season. We recall the averages: 23.2 points, 9.9 rebounds, 3.1 assists and 2.3 blocks. Far from being dishonest, but too often absent from the field, he will have lacked a form of regularity which would certainly have been able to inflate a good shot all the figures previously mentioned. For those who would be tempted to say ‘he doesn’t give a fuck or what this guy’please also consider the mental impact that a completely failed season can have in the NBA’s biggest market. Even for a star of his caliber, it makes sense to want to take a big downtime away from all that merry bazaar, all the more so when you know that the team’s situation was unclear until the last few days. With a new coach just appointed and a technical staff being put in place, it was not particularly necessary to give it the day after elimination. In addition, there is no question of asking too much of an organization that is already well proven.

Now that business is settled as far as management is concerned tactico-technical of the Angelinos, Unibrow will be able to quietly get their hands dirty. And what a mess, since this disaster season of the Lakers will undoubtedly have left big traces in the minds of everyone. No question of wanting to complain about this team either, eh, between the extra-sporting affairs mixing the AD agency and the management of the franchise and the sporting side which no longer responded, the sinking of the city of Angels appeared like everything quite logical. With Darvin Ham freshly landed in South California, the major reconstruction project can begin… and Anthony is fully part of it, since his now new coach has insisted on the importance of Toto in the future success of the team. Statements that must have delighted the strong winger. So it’s time to get back to work, because there is still a dirty humiliation to erase next season and it all starts now. Individual physical work is imperative to prevent possible injuries, so that this year’s sad scenario does not happen again next October… but Antho’ probably knows that much better than we do.

Two months spent away from La La Land, with your head in the cocktails and the white sand beaches, it would do anyone good after such a season. Purified thoughts, Anthony Davis can now return to work, with a little more visibility in terms of his frankness and the confidence of his new coach.

Source: ESPN / Twitter @OVOLakeShow

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Anthony Davis hasn’t shot for 2 months: a welcome break after a difficult season

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