Lloyd: Donovan Mitchell’s magical 71-point night for Cavs made possible by shot he missed – Reuters

Lloyd Donovan Mitchells magical 71 point night for Cavs made possible

CLEVELAND — Quin Snyder has been meticulous in his preparation for events like this. Well, maybe not 71 like that. But the game online, you have to have moments when the shooter on the free throw line controls the result. Donovan Mitchell practiced some variations of it at least once a month with Snyder in … Read more

Ticket To Paradise: where was this rom-com with George Clooney and Julia Roberts shot?

Ticket To Paradise where was this rom com with George Clooney

In theaters since Wednesday, “Ticket To Paradise” brings together the duo George Clooney-Julia Roberts in an idyllic setting. But where was this romantic comedy filmed? Ticket to Paradise by Ol Parker Starring George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Kaitlyn Dever… What is it about ? An estranged couple come together to try to stop their daughter from … Read more

What dreams of being shot really mean, according to an expert – Noufelle EN

What dreams of being shot really mean according to an

If you wake up from a scary dream of being shot, you will definitely want to know what it means. While this nasty nightmare may just be a fleeting middle-of-the-night fear party, dream experts say it’s most likely a message from your subconscious – and one that’s definitely worth the wait. to be interpreted. “As … Read more

2022 World Athletics Championships: the United States kings of the 100m and shot put, the frustrated long jump champion … What you may have missed this night

2022 World Athletics Championships the United States kings of the

The second day of the world championships was marked by the men’s 100m, won by Fred Kerley on Saturday July 16 in Eugene, Oregon. The American beat two of his compatriots, a few minutes after shot putter Chase Ealey’s feat. In the long jump, the Olympic champion Miltiadis Tentoglou was capped by the surprising Jianan … Read more

Anthony Davis hasn’t shot for 2 months: a welcome break after a difficult season

At the Lakers, it’s definitely the holidays. Anthony Davis – in an Instagram video – said he had not touched a basketball since April 5. Basically, two months of total shutdown from basketball. After a season that turned into a fiasco for Los Angeles, it was perhaps necessary to leave the orange ball in the … Read more