Harry Potter: These Characters Aren’t Death Eaters, But They Should Go to Azkaban

By Sophie J.

– Published on June 12, 2022 at 20:32

Some characters on the show have acted like Death Eaters, and yet they are adored by fans. Should they go to Azkaban?

Voldemort is the enemy of the young wizard, Harry Potter. His supporters, who are called the Death Eaters, are each more diabolical than the other. Barty Crouch Jr. who transforms into Moody Mad-Eye to trick Harry into winning the Triwizard Cup. Lucius Malfoy doesn’t hesitate to change sides as quickly as he changes his shirt (silk, of course) to protect his family. Bellatrix Lestrange is a dangerous psychopath who enjoys torturing everyone. The Carrows have fun watching the older students cast Unforgivable Curses on the younger ones during the trio’s final year at Hogwarts. In short, we can say that the Death Eaters are not funny. However, in the ‘nice’ camp, some are not all white either!

Romilda Vane

The young Gryffindor, who is a year younger than the main trio, tries by all means to win the heart of Harry Potter. She even concocts a love potion, and tries to trick the young wizard into absorbing it. Finally, it is Ron who eats the chocolates that Romilda had prepared, and he comes very close to death! This young girl, although looking innocent, is much more dangerous than it seems.


He too spent a stay in Azkaban, in the second part of the Harry Potter saga. Suspected of having freed the monster from the Chamber of Secrets, the gamekeeper is forced to stay there for several weeks. However, it can be said that he is not completely innocent. He does not hesitate to expose young students to highly dangerous creatures. Yes Yes, remember Aragog… Hagrid advises Harry and Ron to ‘follow the spiders’. Except that this spider wants to devour the two wizards!

Arthur Weasley

The red-haired father of the family seems totally innocent, too. Still, it’s pretty reckless for a Ministry officer to tamper with his personal vehicle. Indeed, Mr. Weasley’s job is to stop wizards who bewitch Muggle objects. Yet, what does he keep in his garage? A flying car!

James Potter

Our hero’s dear dad is far from innocent. Between school bullying and breaking the law, one wonders what Harry Potter is proud of. James has indeed learned to transform into an Animagus, which is illegal if not declared. The process does not seem complicated or restrictive, since Professor McGonagall did it! But no, James Potter, along with his friends Sirius Black and Peter Pettigrew, decided they were above the law. It would deserve a little stay in prison, right?

Bonuses: Vernon and Petunia Dursley

Well, yeah, they’re Muggles, and they’re not really liked by the fans. They had a young boy perfectly innocent to raise, and they preferred to mistreat him. Harry Potter has indeed slept in a closet for almost 11 years! And when he inadvertently did magic, they locked him up without eating in that famous closet. Later, after his first year at Hogwarts, the hero’s uncle and aunt decided that he wouldn’t go to wizard school anymore. So they locked him in his room, and installed a trap door to let him get food. If they don’t deserve Azkaban, Muggle prison should be fine, right?

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Harry Potter: These Characters Aren’t Death Eaters, But They Should Go to Azkaban

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