The selection of… – The Dark Side Of The Moon, the stranger, Wings of Desire… Alain Aufrère’s cultural choices

Retired very active, Alain Aufrère is both in the association of the candidacy of Bourges European Capital of Culture and the association Territory Zéro Chômeur since last July.

Disk. “I am eclectic. The first record that comes to mind is The Dark Side of the Moon, one of the Pink Floyd records I was listening to at the time. I always listen with pleasure Meddle Where Atom Heart Mother although it’s not my favorite.

I am immersed in The Köln Concert, by Keith Jarrett. I can also quote loneliness by Léo Ferré, Les Passantes by Brassens, Amsterdam and Jeff by Jacques Brel. I love Oh life is beautiful by Brigitte Fontaine, which was taken over by PR2B, originally from Bourges. Arno that I discovered in a movie, I always dreamed of being a gangsterby Samuel Benchetrit. My mother’s eyes, it is to cry. Classic side, I really like oh loneliness by Henry Purcell. To return to the song, golden hands by Bernard Lavilliers c’est formidable or the Olympia 2008 by Bashung. Bertrand Belin, discovered at the Bains Douches in Lignières. Noir Désir too, Calvin Russel, Paco Ibanez, it’s very eclectic. I still love Clara Yzé, the daughter of Anne Dufourmantelle, a psychoanalyst and philosopher, who died trying to save a child from drowning. »

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Book. “My encounter with literature as a teenager is the Stranger by Camus. I was suspended in time as if I were both in the head of the hero and of the writing.

Then it’s eclecticism with Castles of Wrath by Alessandro Barrico. Dalva or a good day to die by Jim Harrison. Bandini by John Fante. I had a huge crush on Such pretty horses by Cormac McCarthy. I work in series, if I like I want to read everything. This is also the case for Haruki Murakami from Kafka on the shore. The green crown by Laura Kasischke has me much more. The reading light is very practical for carrying lots of books with you and traveling light. I experience the same pleasure. Again, Jón Kalman Stefansson and the sadness of angels. I am rereading Baudelaire at the moment and I discovered simplicity with an anthology of Japanese poetry by Maurice Coyaud. »

Movie. “I saw when it came out Wings of Desire by Wim Wenders and this remains for an almost literary film with the writing of Peter Handke. I also love ParisTexasthe passage of time, the plot and of course the music.

dead man by Jim Jarmush is also a very good film, we don’t know where the story will go and what a magnificent improvised soundtrack by Neil Young. Fargo of the Coen Brothers and the series of the same name, it’s excellent. Thelma and Louise of Ridley Scott and these women who emancipate themselves. i love un Perfect world by Clint Eastwood. I like real fiction. »

Artwork. Saturn devouring one of his sons by Goya. He painted it on a wall of a house in Spain. I am also sensitive to Shout of Munch. These are things that go back to adolescence and that have not left me. Street art touches me like Banksy which I like but Ernest Pignon Ernest had done it long before him like the French Blek le rat. »

Fetish object. “I chose a recent acquisition with this bronze by Fanny Ferré, whose work I discovered at the Capazza gallery and at the château d’art water tower. Her name is the raptor woman. »

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The selection of… – The Dark Side Of The Moon, the stranger, Wings of Desire… Alain Aufrère’s cultural choices

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