Yoga classes for kindergarten children in Fréjus

Last Friday, Kevin Cayla intervened in the Françoise-Dolto nursery school on the avenue du XVe-Army corps at Fréjus.

On a voluntary basis, little ones from 3 to 6 years old came to follow the exercises of their great yogi master, in groups of five. “They need to be reduced in number for total concentration”slips the 34-year-old professor.

On their carpet, the schoolchildren, imperturbable, sit cross-legged, hands joined and reproduce the figures and stretches of their model.

The room is quiet. Only the deep breaths of the participants, soothed by the soft voice of their mentor, are heard.

Seven years of experience

The postures of yoga, meditation, it’s been seven years since Kevin Cayla learned to master them in contact with professionals in ashrams (hermitages intended for spiritual exercises) in India and Nepal.

He now teaches this discipline in France, in his sector in Fréjus and tries to make new followers, in order to spread the benefits of this spiritual practice.

In addition to giving individual and group lessons within nursing homes, medico-educational institutes (IME) and leading post-match recovery sessions at Étoile FC, the young teacher intends to communicate his passion to young people. public, one lesson per week.

Employed by the extracurricular service of the city of Fréjus, himself supervised by Nelly Godard, he works in three nursery schools in the town over a six-week cycle.

“The interest of teaching yoga to young children is to push them to control their emotions through breathing exercises and to help them stay focused as early as possible. They discover their body, its abilities but also learn to create a void around them, become masters of themselves, put a word on their moods, without letting themselves be overwhelmed by negativity”summarizes Kevin Cayla, “in a world where everything is going faster, where technology captures and retains all our attention, new generations need to be educated in this practice”.

“Children who evolve in a tense, violent environment sometimes confide in me their desire to teach these techniques to their parents”adds the young yogi.

Yoga against bullying

After passing through the Honoré-de-Balzac schools in Saint-Aygulf, Paul-Roux and René-Char, Kévin Cayla will install his carpets in the rooms of the Aurélien school group on January 3, at the Aubanel school on January 5 and at the Caïs kindergarten from January 6th.

He will continue classes on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at 4.45 p.m. during extracurricular time in these three establishments until the February holidays.

Since his classes seem to appeal to parents, the 30-year-old also wants to offer them in colleges and high schools, in the form of relaxation sessions before the patent and BAC exams and in response to the anxiety experienced by victims of school bullying.

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Yoga classes for kindergarten children in Fréjus

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