The “dream weekend” is launched

L’Escouade Santé launched its “dream weekend” this Friday, which will take place throughout the weekend. In the Yoga coeuractions studio and online, participants will be able to attend various conferences and workshops on the theme of global health.

The Health Squad is a group of several experts in complementary medicine; massage therapist, chiropractor, hypnotherapist, nutritionist and others. After the Saint-Jérôme edition, the concept of “dream weekends” returns to Laval this time and is organized by massage therapist Carine Roy and yoga teacher Pascale Charest. Participants will then be put in contact with the different health approaches of the Health Squad. “Our main objective is to discover the great autonomous resources that are part of our team,” explains the founder of the squad, Carine Roy.

A synergistic experience

Synergy is the word that comes up on everyone’s lips during the presentation of the various experts, Friday noon. Marc-André Boivin, chiropractor, explains that the weekend “offers an extraordinary complementarity” between the different health approaches.

Participants will be able to discover more well-known approaches such as yoga and massage therapy and more unusual ones such as hypnosis and drum treatments. “We will stand out for the variety of treatments that will be offered over the three days,” says Carine Roy.

According to the participating experts, the pandemic has exacerbated health problems and many people are looking for more accessible solutions than going to see a doctor. “We become the closest and most accessible caregivers for the population,” emphasizes Carine Roy. The experts will also be able to take note of the other approaches presented to be able to better advise their clients of all their options.

A health resource

During the pandemic, Carine Roy found it important to stay in touch with her clients and decided to create the squad to bring together all areas that take care of people. “We are less like a trade show, but more like a mobile clinic, where we bring together all the experts in the same place,” she explains.

Carine Roy really liked the first edition of the weekend in Saint-Jérôme and decided to renew it. “I think that’s really going to be our recipe: dream weekends of the health squad,” she says. In addition to the activities, the concept of treatments by appointment and the proximity of the experts to the participants create a “hyper personalized” experience, according to the massage therapist.

The first Friday participants were able to attend a yoga class and a conference on zootherapy with horses. They seemed very happy with their activity: “By these dream weekends there, you learn to discover all these little things,” says Shirley, one of the participants.

Carine Roy hopes to be able to organize other weekends to create links with specialists and the public in different regions.

Places are limited for activities taking place from Friday May 20 to Sunday May 22 online and in person.

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The “dream weekend” is launched

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