The best yoga exercises for beginners to do at home

You want to start the Yoga your house ? So here is a small guide to beginner exercises that you can try at home. Hyperconnectés has concocted a special program for beginners.

To relax the back

Yoga is known to be associated with relaxation, even meditation. These are gentle exercises that can help you release tension that is often concentrated in the shoulders and back. Here are 3 postures to do at home after a hard day at work. They will be perfect for both gymnasts than for bureaucrats.

Downward facing dog pose

For this posture, you must imitate a stretching dog. So, get on all fours and stretch your legs and arms while raising your pelvis. In this way, you form a pyramid with your buttocks as the apex. The final posture is:

  • straight legs
  • outstretched arms
  • heels on the floor
  • Head close to the ground

But as a beginner, feel free to bend your knees so as not to injure yourself. The key is to go gradually.

child’s posture

Very pleasant to relax the back, this posture is simple. Get on your knees and stretch your back and arms forward. The pelvis must remain glued to the feet throughout the exercise. The goal is to be able to breathe well and relax until your head hits the ground. See to stand up straight to stretch your lower back. After this posture, you can, without moving back, go directly to the stretching of the cat or to the posture of the dog facing upside down. All you have to do is raise your pelvis and extend your legs and arms.

The cat stretch

As for the pose of the dog, this time, we imitate cats. Similar to that of the dog, you start on all fours. Then make a pyramid with your body and raise your head to make a hollow back and exhale. Inhale as you arch your back and lower your head. Alternate several movements in rhythm with a good breath, gently.

To tone up

To tone up

But, yoga is not just for relaxation, it can also help you build muscle gently or gain flexibility and balance. For example, the lotus posture is perfect for ending a session and stretching the legs and back.

The posture of the warrior

The warrior posture will allow you to build your legs and abs working on your balance. Stand in profile, one leg bent straight behind, the other bent in front. Then pivot your pelvis forward and straighten your arms. Do the same in the other direction and keep your arms straight at shoulder level. You should start to feel your shoulders and legs warm.

tree pose

She also works balance, but also your concentration. You will need to stand on one foot. The other leg raised with the foot placed on a single leg on the ground. Stand up straight and raise your arms above your head. Finally, spread your arms out, keeping them straight.

To begin, you will place the heel of the lifted foot on the opposite knee. The more balance you gain, the easier you can lift your arms.. You can also bring your foot up along your thigh until it is at crotch level.

The posture of the boat

Finally, the posture of the boat is perfect for work your abs, but also your balance. Lie on your back and lift your legs up, keeping them bent and on the ground. Then get up as if to sit down. Extend your arms straight out in front of you and bring your knees up to your head. The purpose of this pose is not for you to be curled up on yourself. Keep your head a good distance from your knees since your back is supposed to be straight. Neither round, nor hollow, straight, otherwise you risk hurting yourself. Abdominal exercises exist with this position by the way, this exercise is called the rower or the wallet depending on the communities. You take your starting position lying down and you raise your torso and legs simultaneously. You go back down without any side touching the ground and you start again.

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The best yoga exercises for beginners to do at home

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