September is going to be terrible for these 3 zodiac signs

The return from the holidays will not be easy for certain signs of the zodiac. Mercury’s retrograde, which begins on September 10, brings its share of tensions and difficulties. For some zodiac signs, this period will be particularly stressful and full of anxiety. They will then have to take a break and take a step back to better act on their future. Find out quickly if you are one of them!

The month of September marks the return to school but also the resumption of professional activities. While some face the new season with better resolutions, others are stressed at the idea of ​​finding a more sustained pace of life. Mercury in retrograde complicates matters further by affecting the minds of some zodiac natives and disrupting their relationships.

Which zodiac signs are likely to be anxious in September?

During the month of September, the daily life of three natives of the zodiac will be filled with continuous ups and downs. According to the position of the planets, turbulence is to be expected in several areas: work, money and love.


terrible virgin

Virgin. Source: spm

The month of September is likely to be hectic for the sign of Virgo. With the retrograde of Mercury, the next few weeks will be marked by many financial problems. Anxiety and worry will take over his daily life and push him to review his priorities. He will then remain cautious on a daily basis by limiting unnecessary expenses and ill-considered investments. In order not to display his fears in public, this Earth sign will stay away from his colleagues and collaborators. On a personal level, he will have to show endurance and review his communication with others so as not to generate unnecessary tensions. In this month of September, some family members can be particularly aggressive towards him, which risks fueling tensions and increasing his anxieties. On the friendship side, he risks break up a relationship long-standing following a discussion that could take on disproportionate proportions.


terrible scorpion

Scorpio. Source: spm

Another sign of the zodiac that will go through a difficult period during the month of September is Scorpio. He will experience daily tensions and will find it difficult to control his emotions, whether in his professional or personal life. Unlike the financially stressed Virgo, this Water sign’s biggest struggles lie in their interpersonal relationships. Mercury retrograde encourages him to rectify all the mistakes made in the past, which is likely to be particularly stressful and agonizing. He will then be frightened to face the people he had to disappoint in his professional or personal environment. Despite all his good will, the quarrels will be there and could even grow. Old remorse could even resurface and prevent him from moving forward. One thing is certain, this water sign will have to remain calm and docile in September. It is very likely that this phase will only be a matter of time. Patience !


terrible sagittarius

Sagittarius. Source: spm

Just like Scorpio or Virgo, the native of Sagittarius is likely to have a very eventful month of September. Many obstacles will be put in its way by Mercury in Libra. At work, he will be anxious at the idea of ​​postponing a project on which he has worked for many months and this, due to the lack of involvement of a member of his team or a last minute departure. This Fire sign will no longer be able to trust others and risks missing out on many opportunities at work. Instead of finding short-term solutions, he would risk slowing down and reducing his efforts. Determined and optimistic by nature, he will then feel demotivated and will let himself be overwhelmed by many doubts. He thus runs the risk of coming up against annoying attitudes and jeopardizing his entire professional future within the company.

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September is going to be terrible for these 3 zodiac signs

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