How to remove the double chin at 50? Can you lose fat under the jawline naturally?

How to remove the double chin at 50 Can you

It is wrong to consider the double chin as a “privilege” of old age. Genetics and weight gain are among the four causes of having that small lump of fat under your jawline. And if a young woman can easily manage to remove the double chin with a set of exercises, a fifty-year-old will go out of her way to lose it. No longer wondering how to remove the double chin at 50 and over, but have free rein in your hours and work, work! Zoom on some techniques that will spare you the surgery box! Who knows !

Is it easy to remove the double chin: first find the causes

remove double chin causes gain fat under jaw genetics weight gain

Being a source of complex for every woman of any age, this “sack” of subcutaneous fat does not spare men either. If for a man, the double chin and the bulging belly are defined as signs of prosperity, a woman, in order not to look away, strives to get rid of them either using facial exercisesor by resorting to cosmetic surgery. In fact, the second solution is expensive, but gives an almost immediate result, while the second is free, but before hitting the bull’s eye, you have to invest a lot of effort and patience. It’s up to you to decide how to remove the double chin!

Some haircuts can also hide this aesthetic defect. If it is not due to genetics and aging, reason about your lifestyle, which may be the cause. Since the skin takes on a lot of external factors such as the sun, tobacco and alcohol, food, lack of sleep and pollution, we are faced with a great challenge. And if we add to this list the sedentary life and the bad posture in front of the computer, the problem becomes complicated and difficult to overcome.

how to remove the double chin at 50 remove naturally exercises diet

We have already written that cosmetic surgery succeeds in removing the double chin thanks to a good list of more or less expensive interventions: liposuction, lifting, cryolipolysis, genioplasty, ultrasound and radiofrequency. It’s not our goal and moreover, we don’t want to trip over specialists. It’s much simpler to give some tips on diet and facial yoga that everyone can adopt and supple skin will thank you for.

The fat stored under the chin can “melt” dramatically if you cross off some of the “silent killers” from your menu: refined sugar, salt, alcohol and tobacco. It is common knowledge that the latter causes the skin to dull and wrinkle. On the contrary, try to favor fruits and vegetables, as well as foods rich in omega-3. The benefits of a healthy diet are for the whole body and in any case, you are the winner.

If these measures work and give long-term results, facial gymnastics and certain techniques performed diligently will improve the firmness of the affected area by torpedoing the “cushions” under the jaw in a shorter time.

remove double chin naturally simple exercises jaw muscle facial yoga

To relax at the office, steal 5 minutes of your precious time and do some facial exercises to smooth out your neck and lower face.

Turns out, smiling is the lifeline. I intrigued you, I know! The simplest exercise you’ll do every time you smile is: inhale as you smile your biggest smile and exhale. Repeat several times not only when you see the boss coming, but also in front of colleagues. I assure you that it will have an incredible impact on your relationships at the office.

The other technique may look a little weird in other people’s eyes, but who cares…Put your thumbs under the middle of your chin, open your mouth so that your jaw resists your fingers. A session should last at least ten seconds. Repeat several times quietly without perplexing those around you.

lose your double chin in 10 days get rid of fat jade roller mewing technique

The third method is as old as the world. She helps get rid of the fat under the chin using her tongue. We practice the mewing to strengthen the jaw as follows: place the tongue against the palate without touching the front teeth. This position can last even when you drink water or swallow something. Success is guaranteed within a few weeks and after establishing a habit. Train yourself !

I’ll sell you the wick: for a year, I’ve been using a jade roller and the famous “gua sha” during my battle against aging.

By massaging the whole face, I see the wrinkles fade away one by one.

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How to remove the double chin at 50? Can you lose fat under the jawline naturally?

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