Goku & Vegeta’s Most Powerful Forms Officially Exceeded

The escalation of power in Dragon Ball is never over, and Toyotaro proves it to us once again in Chapter 87 of Dragon Ball Super. The last part of the manga published in the V-Jump of the month has just revealed to us Black Frieza, Frieza’s last transformation nowadays.

Decidedly, and without pun intended, this arc of the survivor Granola will have made us see all the colors. Goku and Vegeta have barely had time to reveal the extent of their new power to us when a new challenger is already entering the scene to once again destroy the myth. Indeed, Goku and Vegeta showed their most powerful forms: the True Ultra Instinct (or True Ultra Instinct) and the Ultra Ego, before being surpassed by a cult enemy of the Dragon Ball franchise: frieza. In a rather surprising turn of events, Frieza reappeared in DBS, knocking out both Goku Ultra Instinct and Vegeta Ultra Ego at the same time, and in one hit. The two Saiyans were however transformed into their most powerful form, but the element of surprise certainly also worked against them.

Black Frieza enters the scene

In Chapter 87, the Emperor of the Universe unexpectedly arrives on the planet Cereale, just as the fight between Goku, Vegeta, Granola, and the strongest warrior in the universe, Gas, is on the point to end. To everyone’s surprise, Frieza easily kills Gas, who has yet proven to be more powerful than Goku and Vegeta, thanks to a wish to the Dragon Balls. Frieza then notices the two Saiyans, and transforms into his new form, Black Frieza. Goku and Vegeta immediately activate Ultra Instinct and Ultra Ego to defend themselves, but to no avail. With a single punch to the stomach, Black Frieza knocks them both down, and even spares their lives, as if in contempt.

To explain this incredible power-up that rivals the one that Goku and Vegeta developed with the help of an Angel and a God of Destruction, Frieza explains that he found a new Spirit Room and Time, which as a reminder is a rift to another dimension, where time flows faster than in the outside world, and which can be exploited to train intensively in a very short time. Frieza trained for 10 years, which made him immensely stronger than Goku and Vegeta, due to his prodigious natural talent, which he never really cultivated before. Indeed, Frieza had never trained as intensely as Goku and Vegeta, who spend all their free time training. Frieza has always relied only on his natural talent, except when he trained for 4 months with Tagoma to become Golden Frieza.

Although the explanation makes sense, it is clear that the manga has put a nice tackle on the evolution of Goku and Vegeta with this turnaround. Indeed, Ultra Instinct and Ultra Ego were very popular forms in Dragon Ball Super, as they are more than just power boosts. Each form has unique abilities that fit perfectly with their respective user and, due to of their divine origins, they even pointed Goku and Vegeta towards the paths of the Angels on one side, and the Gods of Destruction on the other. But the fact that Black Frieza beat them so easily shows us that their path is still strewn with pitfalls.

Black Frieza Physically resembles in every way a variant of Golden Frieza, but with visibly black color undertones. Beyond the color schemes to highlight power-ups in Dragon Ball (and make no mistake, this will continue as the series progresses), the reality is that it was very predictable that Frieza also has a new transformation. He remains one of the most charismatic foes in the franchise, and Toyotaro and Toriyama couldn’t leave him behind, as Goku and Vegeta continue their meteoric rise to ever more godlike levels.

In fact, this new form Black Frieza seems to make a lot of sense. After all, he was DBZ’s greatest, bloodiest, and most austere enemy. However, since DBZ, Frieza has never really managed to stand up to the Saiyans, despite his new forms:

  • Barely arrived, Mecha-Freezer was easily killed by Trunks,
  • Barely arrived, Golden Frieza was easily killed by the Super Saiyan Blue.
  • And at the Tournament of Power, no power-ups for Frieza, as Vegeta reached “evolved” Super Saiyan Blue, and Goku reached Ultra Instinct.

But now, by increasing his power and potential, and having successfully knocked out Goku Ultra Instinct and Vegeta Ultra Ego, the authors have finally restored Frieza’s honor by making him again THE big villain of the series, and a real threat for the arcs to come.

What will happen next in Dragon Ball Super?

There are several ways to answer this question. The first follows what Frieza said in chapter 87: “I came here chasing another target… So I’ll spare you for today”. Frieza has something in mind, and we don’t know what it is or who he’s looking for.

Another lead follows Whis, who says that another individual, recognized by the Oracle Pisces as “the strongest in the Universe”, may have appeared somewhere in the Universe. Does it refer to a new character? Is he referring to Uub, who already almost unknowingly helped defeat Moro? Or is it another individual, perhaps the one Frieza is currently hunting? The mystery remains intact. And of course we still have Broly, a lot of whom we still don’t know.

Many unanswered questions, but one thing is certain: Toyotaro is now taking a break to prepare for the new Dragon Ball Super manga arc. The date of his return is not yet known, but we hope to return by the end of the year.

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Goku & Vegeta’s Most Powerful Forms Officially Exceeded

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