Corte: Yoga 3C opens its collaborative space dedicated to well-being

the association Yoga 3C (Yoga Corte Center Corsica) newly created by Delphine Rist and Emmanuelle Mélan, both reconverted in this practice which continues to gain notoriety, settles in the city center of Corte. The place, located at 9 Avenue Xavier Luciani, on the side of the alley of the two villas, is not limited solely to the courses given by its two creators but is precisely intended to be collaborative.

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“The status of association allows us to offer other workshops and practices by bringing in several speakers and thus discovering all the facets of yoga and well-being in general”, detail those who hope “generate a dynamic that does not come only from (them).”

On the program: relaxation, reiki, kinesiologist, sophrology, meditation, yoga for pregnant women, for babies, yoga gym for children, yoga dance, classical yoga, more intense yoga… “We see this place as a place of emulation, so anyone who would like to share their know-how around practices related to well-being can contact us so that we can organize ourselves with them concerning the slots to which they wish to rent the Hallexplain those which foresee – at least at the beginning – “a percentage rate” for people wishing to offer courses but who do not yet have a fixed clientele in the sector.

A principle that already seems to work because several well-being specialists have already offered their services and will present them during an open day scheduled for Saturday, October 29.

In addition to the central room where the courses and workshops will take place, the room has two additional rooms which will be future cabinets, always centered around practices related to well-being.

The operation is the same as for the courses: all you have to do is contact the managers in order to reserve, punctually or not, slots to have access to the practice.

A place “accessible to the greatest number”

By offering courses and workshops given by different teachers, Delphine and Emmanuelle are committed to making this place a place in perpetual activity and thus attracting as wide an audience as possible.

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If they already have a loyal clientele, “a big family” as they call it, inspiring others is their new challenge. “The room is open to all those who wish to practice or discover without exception”they insist.

“Some people hesitate or prevent themselves from coming because they don’t feel flexible enough to practice yoga, for example, but there’s nothing to be embarrassed about, it’s up to the teacher to adapt to the group. and we have a lot of accessories available to allow adaptation according to everyone’s level and thus make this place accessible to as many people as possible.”

Attached to the fact “to bring people to find their meaning, to find harmony between body and mind”the initiators of this place repeat it: “The goal is not to be in the performance.”

Accessibility is also played out over extended time slots, an element that the managers have in mind. “We offer workshops during the lunch break and some may also take place in the evening, at 8 p.m. for example”slip one of them.

With regard to the course price, for people who join the association, it is set at 100 euros for ten sessions lasting from one hour to one and a quarter hours. A membership that also allows you to have “preferential rates on courses on non-violent communication, on yoga gym or on sound baths organized monthly”they add.

For those who are not members, the price and formulas, determined by each stakeholder, vary.

The inauguration dedicated to associations

To formalize this project, an open day will be organized on Saturday, October 29, from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. “Continuous workshops will take place in the room: there will be both short practices of half an hour but also group practices in order to present the various speakers and the various activities offered at the moment”explain the creators of the place.

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Registration for the various workshops offered is also necessary before the event.

Organized in October, a time marked by the fight against breast cancer, this day was thought out in the form of free donations. All of the donations collected on this occasion will be donated to three associations: Belles et Battantes, La Marie-Do and La Ligue contre le cancer.

Contact: Delphine Rist on 06 75 70 42 11 or Emmanuelle Mélan on 06 22 18 05 49 Social networks: Yoga.3C (Instagram), Yoga 3 C (Facebook).

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Corte: Yoga 3C opens its collaborative space dedicated to well-being

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