Mutual: policyholders demand a more readable contract

Overall satisfied with their coverage, the policyholders interviewed by Malakoff Humanis would like alternative medicine (sophrology, yoga) or consultations with psychologists to be better covered by mutual insurance companies. They are also asking for simpler and more readable contracts.

80% of individuals want a simpler and more readable mutual insurance contract, according to a Malakoff Humanis study (1) post this Tuesday. In fact, only 57% of policyholders say they know their contract without really knowing what it covers precisely. The level of care is at the heart of the concerns of respondents who would like to know it before each consultation (82%), especially for glasses or dental prostheses.

But this study also points to reasons for satisfaction among policyholders: 89% of policyholders feel well protected, and 92% consider that the health coverage they receive is good, write the authors. 60% of insurers would also like alternative medicine (sophrology, yoga) or consultations with psychologists, be better covered by mutuals.

Health has become central to everyone’s concerns and this is felt more than ever in the testimonies collected, believes Thomas Saunier, general manager of Malakoff Humanis. Respondents believe that their mutual is essential on a daily basis and expect it to support them even more. They tell us of their attachment to our health system but are concerned about its durability and are aware that it must change. This transformation is indeed necessary, it cannot be done without consultation between the public authorities and all the players in the system, in particular those who finance it.

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Rising prices, increased competition

The prices of health insurance contracts have increased in 2022 in proportions of between 2 and 6% according to several studies. According to the specialist firm Good Value for Money, this increase in complementary health insurance is explained by the cost of 100% health on the one hand, and the drift of provident insurance on sick leave for collective contracts on the other hand. Thereby, a young worker pays an average of 310 euros per year compared to 1100 euros for a family with children, and 1158euros on average for a senior couple. With reinforced guarantees, the rates for seniors are soaring: 2883 euros at national level against 2871 euros in 2020. The bill will be much higher in the Paris region than in the East – thanks to the special regime of Alsace-Moselle – for the same couple of withdrawals.

Mutual: choose the best contract

Termination at any time also makes customers more volatile, MoneyVox Abdellah Nasri of Partners Conseils Assurances recently indicated. Indeed, since December 1, 2020, it is possible to terminate your complementary health contract at any time, after the first birthday.

(1) 22,000 people, Malakoff Humanis clients, answered a questionnaire over a period from February 10 to April 10, 2022

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Mutual: policyholders demand a more readable contract

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