Castres: Korean TV reports on a yoga teacher victim of a long Covid

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Journalists from South Korea came to meet Coralie Sawruk, yoga teacher in Castres, to have her testify about her long covid and the benefits of this discipline on the disease.

Seeing a television crew from South Korea arrive for a yoga class in Castres might seem unlikely, but it was real! A Korean television team (producer, journalist and technician) has in fact taken over “22”, 22 rue Mérigonde in a class with Coralie Sawruk (Black Mountain yoga).

The latter says: “As a member of the covid long J + 20 association, I responded to a call for witnesses for the KBS International team (KBS = Korean Broadcasting System which has 4701 employees). They come to shoot for a special anniversary issue for the 10th anniversary of their flagship science program, with 2 parts on the Covid; one on the pandemic and the situation in the world; the other with testimonials from covid long people and examples of solidarity that were put in place during and after the pandemic, knowing that France has been a pioneer in terms of organization into covid associations”.

She adds: “They were looking for someone to testify with very specific sequelae: frostbite to the toes (this is called Covid toe), as well as loss of feeling in the limbs. To put it simply, I wake up with numb hands, sometimes I find it difficult to move my legs when I wake up because the nerve impulses go wrong. This is especially noticeable when it is cold. We don’t really know what causes these problems, except that it is a problem with the blood supply to the extremities of the feet and hands because the virus has reached the nerve endings. It is similar to Raynaud’s syndrome. For me it’s starting to get better, especially since it’s warmer, but also because practicing yoga at high doses mobilizes the body and therefore stimulates blood flow in the limbs; and helps enormously to regulate and re-educate the nervous system”.

Coralie answered the call “for fun” and thought of a joke when the Korea team contacted her. All smiles, with a gift for Coralie, the journalists set up their camera and filmed a lesson where 5 enthusiasts, as focused as they were amused, “gave their all” for Korean TV. Upstream, discussions between the team and Coralie made it possible to discuss the experience of Covid (symptoms, vaccine, etc.) and the positive effects of yoga. Previously, the team of journalists had met a medical specialist in Nice, Professor Thierry Passeron!

After having lunch at “22”, the team of journalists hit the road again, leaving Coralie and her students to imagine that they will soon appear on the small Korean screen. Coralie, laughing, thinks of her Korean understudy! For its part, the TV team, after having filmed the essential houses on the Agout, the place Jean-Jaurès and others, left with their arms full of Tarn beers well packaged by the team of the bar of the Table des Ateliers du “22”, a local product that left today more than 9500 km from Castres!

Globetrotter at heart

A globetrotter at heart, Coralie has traveled to more than 50 countries. She lived in Singapore where she discovered yoga, but also in London, Switzerland and Egypt. Before this retraining in the practice, philosophy and lifestyle of yoga, she worked in the financial sector. Today, she has even founded her own travel agency Yoäg, “combining yoga and discovering the most beautiful places in the world” and happily recounts her travels through podcasts, “between memories and life lessons”, which she gleans and who inspires him during his travels.
The visit of the TV team from Korea reveals yet another openness to the world, the human adventure that it weaves, always driven by the pleasure of sharing in its courses which are for it, above all, “an encounter with oneself”.

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Castres: Korean TV reports on a yoga teacher victim of a long Covid

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