The most mocked zodiac sign, a real victim, according to astrologers

The most mocked zodiac sign a real victim according to

Your friend may not be able to pronounce the word ” nuclear“, even if he makes great efforts. Your aunt may not be aware of the fact that she does not let others speak. Or your co-worker doesn’t realize he’s bragging when he talks about his multiple degrees and his million-dollar house. Some people are … Read more

Femicide: Elodie Kaszuba victim of the delusions of a drug addict

Femicide Elodie Kaszuba victim of the delusions of a drug

Sunday March 27, 2016. A two-storey house in a cul-de-sac in the Pouy district of Mont-de-Marsan. The night is calm. After a festive Saturday evening with friends, Elodie Kaszuba, 30, and her companion Guillaume Dautremont, 39, are getting ready to go to bed. Their daughter, Méloé, 20 months, is already sleeping in her cot in … Read more

Florent Pagny victim of cancer: after the death of Daniel Lévi, the singer is still fighting against the disease!

Les Choses Press area of ​​the Louvre Museum

It is a drama that shook the world of music. 60-year-old Daniel Levi died of the disease. Terrible news for his friends like Patrick Bruel, Pascal Obispo or even Florent Pagny. He is also battling cancer. Daniel Lévi succumbed to the disease In April 2019, Daniel Lévi announced to his fans that he had cancer. … Read more

Manon Marsault still a victim of witchcraft? “I am shocked”

Manon Marsault still a victim of witchcraft I am shocked

Manon Marsault is panicked and there is reason! According to Internet users, the young mother would once again be the victim of witchcraft. We will explain everything to you. The witchcraft stories are obviously not over for the reality TV candidates. And Manon Marsault confided her concern to her subscribers. She is convinced that she … Read more

Léna Situations: the influencer victim of a scam on her return to Los Angeles? – Here is

Lena Situations the influencer victim of a scam on her

Léna Situations has just taken an icy shower. The influencer returned to Los Angeles on June 7, and discovered that her apartment had just been rented to someone else. A scam that she hastened to tell on Instagram. Los Angeles, she dreamed of it, she did it! On Sunday April 10, Léna Situations announced to … Read more

Manon Marsault, in panic, still a victim of witchcraft? She says it all!

Manon Marsault isagain the target of black magic? After the scandal of this beginning of the year around witchcraft, the star of reality TV fears to be still a victim of occult sciences. Totally frightened, the pretty brunette then asks her subscribers for advice. Objeko therefore always comes back to his statements, but above all … Read more

Castres: Korean TV reports on a yoga teacher victim of a long Covid

the essential Journalists from South Korea came to meet Coralie Sawruk, yoga teacher in Castres, to have her testify about her long covid and the benefits of this discipline on the disease. Seeing a television crew from South Korea arrive for a yoga class in Castres might seem unlikely, but it was real! A Korean … Read more

Maeva Ghennam victim of witchcraft? She expresses herself

Maeva Ghennam victim of witchcraft She expresses herself

At worst, Maeva Ghennam confided in all the misfortunes she has been facing lately, and she thinks she is a victim of witchcraft. We tell you everything! Maeva Ghennam, at its worst for several weeks Not long ago, Maeva Ghennam spoke and gave herself up to her community with an open heart. At worst, the … Read more