Alencon. I tested for you… a dynamic aerial yoga class

Arms, abs, thighs, the whole body works! ©L’Orne Hebdo

“It’s going to be sporty”, do people keep telling me before my first lesson dynamic aerial yoga, Wednesday July 6. Not being (absolutely) not sporty, it is therefore with a bit of apprehension that I enter theFree Dance areaavenue de Quakenbrück in Alençon (adorns).

Relaxing music reaches my ears, and behind a removable partition, I see a string of blue fabricssuspended from the ceiling by carabiners.

Feet in the void

I don’t really know what awaits me, but one thing is certain: I will have to climb into one of these hanging hammocks one meter above the ground. The task is ultimately much simpler than I imagined. “You have to put your back to the hammock, slide your thumbs inside, then your elbows, stand up on tiptoe, and give a little push”, explains Emilie Chaillou, the teacher. Hop! Neither one nor two, here I am sitting, feet dangling in the air.

They won’t stay there for long because a few seconds later, I find myself in lotus positionperched in my fabric.

I have practiced yoga before, so I recognize some of the positions, although the feeling is totally different. I feel like I’m floating, my body feels light, it’s soothing. I become aware of my body… Which quickly finds itself in wacky positions that I never imagined I could do. Yet, listening to the directives given by EmilyI see myself reproducing these movements, without too much difficulty.

Fitness, yoga and meditation

The other participants follow the rhythm. They are few in number (to Emilie’s great regret) but this small committee makes it possible to benefit from a almost private course.

dynamic aerial yoga
The human swing, a position that allows the spine to stretch to its full length. ©L’Orne Hebdo

The positions become more complicated little by little, and become more and more sporty. Legs wrapped in fabric, my back is rocking back, my body falls to the ground, and, fearfully, I let go of the fabric… I’m holding on! I even walk on my hands, until I grab those of my partner, on the carpet opposite. We form a human swing.

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At that moment, I stretch all my spine gently, until my arms no longer hold. When I stand up, my ears are ringing, I hardly hear anything anymore, the sensation is not very pleasant but the exercise was worth it.

Experience letting go

Thanks to the hammock, all parts of my body can be stretched. I smell my abs workingmy upper body as well, especially when I find myself doing sheathing, elbows on the ground and feet hooked in my fabric. The effort seems much more pleasant to me than during the Sissy Mua on YouTube

After more than 45 minutes (which I didn’t see pass), the session ends with a relaxation time.

Lying in my hammock, like in a levitating cocoon, I make the vacuum inside. This last moment allows me tofully release tension.

If you have trouble letting go, exercise is great! Once your session is over, you come out of there completely relaxed.

To try your turn, Emilie Chaillou gives you an appointment at the start of the school year. Registration is open from Monday 5 to Friday 9 September. Classes will resume on Monday, September 12.

Monday: 12:30 p.m. or 7:30 p.m. Wednesday 7:15 p.m. Friday 6:30 p.m. Espace Free Dance, 50, Avenue de Quakenbrück in Alençon. Contact: 06 11 94 82 83.

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Alencon. I tested for you… a dynamic aerial yoga class

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