Christmas: 8 original gifts around well-being

As the end of year celebrations are fast approaching, we are already starting to rack our brains to find THE perfect gift. And if this year, you opt for well-being gifts? A true invitation to relaxation and cocooning, they are often very appreciated by our loved ones. To help you make your choice, here is a selection of 8 original gifts around well-being to offer for Christmas.

1 – Dodow light metronome, Livlab

We start this selection with a real well-being revolution: Dodow. Small luminous metronome inspired by meditation and yoga, it comes to help you fall asleep in a natural way. Using a heart coherence technique, Dodow helps you precisely synchronize your breathing with blue light projected onto the ceiling.

Very quickly, your breathing slows down and a feeling of fatigue sets in because cardiac coherence acts on the parasympathetic nervous system by sending the message “everything is fine”. In other words, your body understands that it can let go and let you off to a peaceful sleep. If you have a stressed sister-in-law or brother-in-law who is struggling to sleep, give him this little white pebble at Christmas that will make him love the long nights again of winter.

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2 – Microwavable avocado hot water bottle, Maestro Gift

What could be better than a good hot water bottle to warm us up this season? So fall for this model to heat in the microwave, super easy to use. Shaped like an avocado, it’s the ideal fun and original gift to offer to a chilly person.

In addition to coming to heat up, the hot water bottle is perfect for relieving muscle pain. The little extra? It is a vegan wellness product, it is filled with 100% natural lavender seeds.

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3 – Kangaroo duo blanket, La Chaise Longue

Are you looking for the perfect wellness gift for 2 people? We offer you the kangaroo duo plaid to spend a cocooning moment for two. This 2-in-1 fleece blanket is ideal for snuggling up on during long Netflix evenings.

Made from 100% recycled materials, it can also be detached thanks to a zipper. Perfect when you don’t get along for the TV program!

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4 – Yoga mat with personalized message, Zazzle

This year, we’re slipping under the tree a little attention for athletes. And we have unearthed the perfect well-being gift for you: the yoga mat. But not just any!

With this model from Zazzle, we have the possibility of customize our own rug by writing a personalized funny note. Fun and original, this rug is nonetheless practical since it is eco-responsible and non-slip.

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5 – Speaker fragrance diffuser, Maestro gift

A fan of home fragrances? This gadget will never leave you. The one we call Georges is this fragrance diffuser connected with speaker and Bluetooth. From now on, you no longer need to move from your sofa to listen to music, turn on a lamp or put on a fragrance. It is Georges who takes care of creating a real cozy atmosphere in your living room.

The little bonus? His sleek and shiny design which matches all our sparkling decorations during the holiday season.

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6 – Neck massager, La Chaise Longue

After a long winter day, we all dream of a good massage. Now it is possible with this two-speed neck massagerwho is coming relieve tension in the neck to offer you a moment of absolute relaxation.

So if you have someone around you who feels neck pain, or who spends all day sitting on an office chairit’s time to offer him this wellness gadget.

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7 – 30 Day Healthy Living Challenge Box, The Cool Republic

It’s the perfect gift for start the new year on a positive note ! To boost self-esteem, we already knew the positive affirmations of everyday life. With this box, we discover advice that will help us adopt a healthy lifestyle in 30 days.

Made in the form of challenges, this box offers a daily activity to do to feel better, stronger and happier. Do you have a friend who always abandons their new resolutions? Slip him a challenge box under the tree!

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8 – Massage and reflexology mat for feet, L’Avant-Gardiste

Finally, because we all appreciate a good massage, adopt this foot reflexology mat. In winter, we often spend our day with our feet wrapped in padded boots, which are not always comfortable.

So in the evening, we have only one desire, it’s a good plantar massage. With this mini carpet to take away, you offer a real moment of well-being to your loved one, who can target certain areas according to your needs.

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Christmas: 8 original gifts around well-being

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