10 tips to plump up your lips naturally

Injections, very little for you? Know that there are natural solutions to bring volume to your lips. Discover our tips for plumping them without a scalpel and at home.

A question has been bothering you for a long time: how to displayplump lips naturally ? Be aware that injections are not always essential and that it is quite possible to have bigger lips by simply following a few tips. We tell you everything for pretty plump lips.

1. Hydrate your lips

A basic gesture, but devilishly effective! By moisturizing your lips regularly, you allow them to regain all their suppleness. So apply a daily lip balm that you will come to massage in order to activate the microcirculation.

2. Exfoliate your lips

Once a week, take care of your lips by exfoliating them with a gentle treatment dedicated to this part of the face. The goal is to remove dead skin, smooth and boost circulation. By carrying out this gesture on a weekly basis, you ensure the correct application of your lip balm and the good hold of your lipstick.

3. Do facial gymnastics

The facial gymnastics Where facial yoga is a trendy method to prevent wrinkles and work the muscles. It is therefore a method to remember if you wish add volume to your mouth without resorting to aesthetic medicine. Every day you can perform the following exercise. Be diligent and you will quickly see results.

4. Boost circulation with the cold

To display plump, rosy lips, nothing better than stimulate microcirculation. For this, adopt the technique of ice Cube. Pass it over your mouth for a few seconds and you will see that your lips will immediately swell. They will also be more colorful.

5. Plump up her lips with makeup

Make-up is one of the most effective methods to give the illusion that your lips are fuller. Start by redrawing your mouth with a lip liner. The idea is to go slightly beyond the natural contour of your lips to bring relief. Then move on to lipstick. Don’t forget to add a touch of highlighter on the cupid’s bow.

6. Plump up her lips with a toothbrush

Among the natural tips for an immediate plumping effect, we find that of the toothbrush. Choose a model with soft bristles and gently massage your lips. This gesture eliminates dead skin, activates blood circulation and makes the lips softer. Be careful not to repeat this gesture too often!

7. Make a honey mask

Head to your kitchen to use a surprising beauty ingredient. Indeed, do you know that the Honey has many benefits? It is ideal in particular for nourishing and healing damaged lips. Before sleeping, apply on your lips and massage lightly. Leave this honey mask on overnight. Plump lips when you wake up!

8. Use a lip plumper

For a shapely mouth all day long, opt for a plumping treatment. It applies as a gloss classic but contains several advantages in its formula. A chilli extract, cinnamon, hyaluronic acid for example. On application, you may feel a tingling sensation then a slight swelling of the lips which are completely normal, but which should not cause you any discomfort.

9. Make your lips shine

The gloss is an essential to display pouty lips. After applying your lipstick, add a layer of transparent, glitter or colored gloss and you will instantly see the difference.

10. Use a hyaluronic acid treatment

With age, the lips gradually become thinner, in particular because of the production ofhyaluronic acid which inevitably declines. The lips thus lose their volume and tone. By using a treatmenthyaluronic acidyou bring the necessary dose to maintain the hydration of the skin of the lips and to redensify your mouth.

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10 tips to plump up your lips naturally

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