Yoga: How to calm an anxiety attack?

Hypnotherapist, neurolinguistic programmer (NLP), yoga teacher and author of the podcast with more than 2 million listens “Relax with Yogi Bryan Meditations”, Yogi Bryan explains his five-step method to deal with anxiety. This happened to me during the last posture of the yoga class, during Savasana. My heart started racing at a frantic pace. I felt like I didn’t have enough air to breathe. I wanted to scream loudly. I wanted to leave – which I didn’t because I’m precisely the guy who makes fun of yoga on social media. I create comedy videos and memes about students giving up Savasana (corpse pose) along the way. Lying on my carpet, drenched in sweat, I wondered: is it karma? Is the Universe teaching me a lesson? Am I about to die? This is where they’ll find my body, I told myself. Here, in a yoga studio, death in Savasana. How many memes will be made of me? “Yogi Bryan Died at 40 Mastering Corpse Pose”. I can’t leave, I told myself. I can’t freak out. I can’t become a meme. How to calm an anxiety attack? I’ve been dealing with anxiety since I was little. My family often told me: “Stop worrying, you’re going to have an ulcer”. Which made me worry even more because I was just thinking about the ulcer I might have. I didn’t know what “stop worrying” meant or even how to go about it. How ? How not to worry? How to end this spiral of thoughts? Fortunately, over time I managed to develop coping strategies. Through meditation, sophrology and yoga. I am…

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