Witchcraft and reality TV: how a dodgy rumor turned into cyberbullying…

It is a scandal that makes the conviction of Nicolas Sarkozy look like a counter anecdote.Carla Moreaureality TV star contestant, is accused of using witchcraft against other reality TV contestants in an attempt to oust them from the program ” The people of Marseilles “. Broadcast on W9, the show brings together big names in French reality TV: Julien and Manon Tanti, Océane El Himer, or even Maeva Ghennamall involved in this story which, spoiler, in addition to being false, has caused a wave of harassment against the main interested party. Back to the facts.

Witchcraft and reality TV: what are the charges against Carla Moreau?

For those who are not accustomed to the world of reality TV, fasten your seat belts. It is via Instagram and Snapchat that Maeva Ghennam expressed her dismay to her subscribers; she has in her possession video and audio evidence, proving that one of her best friends, Carla Moreau (influencer, reality TV candidate, mother and wife of Kevin Guedj, another participant in the program) used witchcraft, and more specifically voodoo rituals via a professional, to oust him from the show. Via the said evidence, we recognize Carla’s voice. These rituals also concern other candidates, the purpose of which was to make them separate, make them leave the show, or even to wish their children ill. All the people targeted are quick to react via their social networks; criticism, insults, reaction, reproach… The case rose to Top Tweet for a little less than 24 hours. Between the details of the astronomical sums which would have been disbursed for the intervention of the seer, the fact that the TPMP program made a special file of it, and that “those who know more than the others cannot say more because can’t be done”, the best is yet to come: this whole story would only be a misunderstanding 2.0.

Reality TV and witchcraft: “Everything is fake. Sorry » admits Maeva Ghennam

This March 1, via a Snapchat story, Maeva Ghennam apologizes to Carla Moreau :“Guys, listen to this Snap. I want to apologize to Carla. Really. I know the whole truth and I can’t talk about it (…) the story is too complicated. Everything is false. Sorry. I love you Carla”. Indeed, it “would” be about a dark story of racketeering between Carla and a clairvoyant from Marseille. Good… So all’s well that ends well? Well not really. If such a story can make more than one smile, it is nevertheless revealing of an evil that eats away at social networks: “The sauce”. Understand by this expression: the fact of confronting or denouncing someone as to their actions, their actions, their past or present speech, all on the Internet. So, while “putting people in the sauce” may be (really) necessary in many ways, it can also become a harmful and devastating habit for some.

In this case, and whatever the outcome of this story of witchcraft, the young woman concerned by these accusations (who has not yet spoken) will undoubtedly see an impact on her professional life which is played out in large party on social media. In addition, remember that even if we strongly believe in black magic, it is in no way punishable by law. Moreover, it would have no interest in being so, since it is a matter of belief and not of Law. In other words, whether these accusations are true or false, nothing legitimizes the harassment suffered by Carla Moreau, nor the transformation of social networks into a people’s court. The only law it concerns is perhaps that of the triple return…


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Witchcraft and reality TV: how a dodgy rumor turned into cyberbullying…

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