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There’s no debate, the 2000s are the best decade in history, which is why we’re not really sad to see this period making its big comeback. Yes, yes, I swear to you, there are signs that do not deceive. Well, on the other hand, if we can still escape the locks on the side and the sponge bracelets, we say no no. Thanks.

1. Teenagers all wear low-rise pants.

If you are very attentive in the street, and especially at the exit of high schools, you will also come across pairs of daddy shoes, thongs that stick out and cargo pants. What’s amazing is that with this, Gen Z teens all look like hotties with a real sense of style, unlike us back then. What is this sorcery?

2. Diam’s on the coast

Diam’s, “Jeune Demoiselle” and “La Boulette” are still much loved by the French people. I want proof of this in the great return of the singer during her interview on Brut in May 2022, which caused talk in all neighborhoods. Diam’s please come back, I’m nothing without you.

3. Ballerinas are in fashion again

Yes, sorry but no one will escape it. You can blame the stars for this comeback of ass-licking feet.

4. Britney Spears will release a new album

Freed from her tutelage, Queen Britney fills our hearts with joy with her videos of her on the move and her photos at oilp, like in the good old days. She therefore plans to soon release an album of revenge on all her years of suffering. It felt like stepping back 20 years.

5. Hair clips and butterfly barrettes are the hype hairstyles of the moment

If you no longer have access to your childhood closets, a quick trip to your 8-year-old cousin’s business or to Sephora should save you.

6. Star’Ac returns with Nikos on TF1

Have we relaunched our playlist of the best Star’Ac songs? Maybe… Are we going to follow this new season with more interest than we have for the school stories of our nephews and nieces? Surely…

7. A new season of Totally-Spies is in production

And then what will it be? Martin Mystery? Football 2 Street? What other cartoon from the 2000s will still fill us for 10 years (yes, it’s hard to pick up).

8. Blink 182 is doing gigs again


9. Lots of people talk quoting The Office

Gone are the days when it was stylish to speak only in lines of Friends. Michael Scott broke the game again 20 years later.

10. A Hunter X Hunter issue will pop out

We’re not going to say that we’re extremely excited, but still a bit much.

11. Peachskin Tracksuits Are Trending

Yes, this fashion staple of the 2000s will not have failed to come back to haunt our nights. Must say that it’s comfortable in addition to giving us a crazy ass.

12. Flip-phones are everywhere

We’re not going to lie to each other, current flip-phones are still much more technologically advanced than those we saw a few years ago. But the concept is still validated (in addition to being quite funny). Admit it, you too feel like a turn-of-the-century secret agent when you use one.

13. Everyone buys disposable Kodaks.

No more photos on the phone or reflex camera. Today, if you want to be stylish, you have to have a disposable to take your vacation shots in Mykonos. It is the rule.

14. Avril Lavigne has made a comeback

How far are the days of “What The Hell” and “Girlfriend”. And yet, our icon has just made a comeback with his new album “Love Sux”, released in February 2022. And that clearly makes us want to start wearing striped ties again.

15. Thin eyebrows are making a comeback

Notice to all blondes, but also to all those who shaved their hair a little too much at the start of the decade: thin eyebrows are coming back. You will finally be able to go back to the front of the stage. But this time, don’t be fooled: we hide the hair that sticks out rather than pulling them out wildly. You never know, if the trend were to end in a few months, it is better to have your back covered.

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Top 15 proofs that we are back in the 2000s, wazaaaaaa | Topito

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