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An all-new sci-fi fantasy series from Image Comics, Hexware, puts the Cyberpunk 2077 video game in a wizardry twist.

Image Comics is riding high with new original comics this year. From horror anthologies to fantasy, the independent comic book producer presented a variety of stories spanning all genres for fans to enjoy. Some of the most notable new additions include the Afterschool anthology series, a new take on battle royales with Golden Rage, and their latest ongoing horror fantasy series Slumber which took readers on a fantastical adventure through a new world of dream. A new series from the company is set to debut before the end of 2022, and it puts a twist of sorcery on a popular video game.

Hexware is a new series from Tim Seeley and Zulema Scotto Lavina that will take the world of witches to sci-fi dystopia. The image details that it will focus on an android named Which-Where as she attempts to appease the Marks family, for whom she works as a maid. When the Marks’ eldest daughter is killed and Which-Where senses despair among the family, she takes a witch’s hat she found on the street as a sign of how she can bring the girl back. To do this, however, she will have to argue with the devil. A series of previews show off the dark, dystopian universe created for this new story, and Lavina’s artwork is absolutely stunning. Take a look at what awaits you in Hexware #1 here.

The talent displayed for this new series is certainly something to behold. DC Comics and Bloodshot writer Tim Seeley, best known for his work on Nightwing and Superman vs. Lobo, is the mastermind behind this tale of magic and machine. Speaking with Image, he mentioned that “it’s been an idea that’s been burning in my head for a while.” When developing the story environment, he looked to “all sorts of new influences like horror manga and sci-fi anime” to craft a new story that is “part cyberpunk , part fantasy and all about love, loss and dark affairs”. He pays tribute to the artist behind Hexware, rising Red Sonja artist Zulema Scotto Lavina, for bringing history to life with their beautiful artwork. They describe the setting for the new series as “a fascinating sci-fi world — steeped in the right amount of sorcery vibes,” and it shows in the preview artwork.

Hexware appears to be another major success for Image based on the first looks posted. Lavina’s art is a brilliant mix of dystopian sci-fi and spooky dark magic tones, giving the comic an unmistakable look that sets it apart from other witchcraft stories. Pair that with the attention-grabbing premise, and it’s a can’t-miss story for the comic book reader to pick up when it releases on December 7th. Image Comics has been on a roll with its new stories that have changed fan interactions in comics, and this Cyberpunk 2077 and sorcery-inspired story, Hexware, is sure to be a great way to cap off one of the best years ever. of the company to date.

Source: Image Comics

Look for Hexware #1 on Image Comics on December 7, 2022!

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Witches Meet Cyberpunk 2077 In New Image-Based Sci-Fi Fantasy Series | Pretty Reel

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